What's This App? 2 Review

What's This App 2 is the sequel to the very popular trivia game for the iPad and iPhone.  This app is quite unlike most other trivia games available today in that it is not just a matter of how much you know about different subjects but much more than that.  You have to look at the clues, which could be anything from the audio playing to the picture or even the letters on the screen.  Every level provides a unique and thought provoking challenge which you have to overcome.  The trick to this game is to learn not to think about it like a normal riddle or trivia question. 

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For people who are looking for a unique challenge and love 'outside the box' thinking, this could be the perfect game for them.  For others who were looking for a regular trivia game which focused on logic and well thought out clues, this might not be the best game to choose.  Also, if (or I should say when) you get stuck on a problem that just doesn't make sense you can buy a clue for $.99 with the in app purchase. 

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The game is well made and very responsive to the tough.  When manipulating the different items on the levels it is easy to control which is very nice.  No need to have to worry that the clue is not responding correctly which would throw you off.  The images are also very nice and look great on the high quality screens of either the iPhone or the iPad. 

what is this app iPhone app review

In this second version of the game there is the regular version which is quite fun but then the secondary version, titled “Experimental” is a new way to play and requires two players.  While this can be quite fun it is a little bit annoying that you have to have the second player to beat some of the levels.  This is not well explained which makes it very frustrating when you attempt to beat a level for some time only to finally learn with a Google search that it is impossible with the second player.

The game is designed to be difficult, thought provoking and an incredible challenge, which is it.  However, since there are NO instructions or hints or anything to even teach you to play at all it can get annoying at first, especially if you've never played the first version of this app.  Once you get going and start to realize how the challenges work it does become a little bit easier to follow and much more fun but I fear many people won't ever get to that point since they don't understand how the game play is supposed to work.  Overall, this is a well made game which, once you understand the point of it, can provide many hours of challenging fun.  If you're up for a new and entirely different type of trivia/riddle game, this is perfect for you. 

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