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The Vote Me app is a new political game where you are ‘competing’ against all the other users of this app to get as many votes as possible, and eventually become the first ‘social president’.  You run your social presidential campaign on any platform you’d like to attempt to get votes.  Whether you use it to help promote awareness of local causes, natural concerns or just for fun, you can add in any issues you want to help get attention to yourself.

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Setting up your account is fairly easy.  It connects up with your facebook account to gather most of the information automatically and than you can join a political party, or create one of your own.  There are dozens of different political parties out there, some are serious and others appear to be just for fun.  No matter what type of issues you’re interested in, this is a fun and easy way to get your idea’s put in front of lots of people.  Since the game is available in both the apple app store and the android market there are millions of potential people who will be using this app.

For many people it is just a fun place to post extreme ideas or thoughts in hopes that people will vote for them out of humor.  Some candidates are running on the platform to encourage shorter work weeks with the slogan “less work, more rest”.  Setting up a custom slogan is as easy as coming up with one and typing it into your profile.  Whether it’s catchy or just silly, the catch phrase can help get the attention of potential voters.

For those who are pushing to win the competition to become the first social president it will be important to put up a large list of very important issues along with doing other social campaigning to get as many people to view you as possible.  Having people vote for you will earn you points which is how you’ll be rated in the end.  You can see your stats any time by using the easy to use stats menu or add in photos of you or of items important to your issues.

voteme iPhone app review

Overall this app is a little bit over run with people there just to goof around and have fun rather than actually attempting to get publicity for any actual issues.  I’m not sure if that was the intent of the developers or not but it can make browsing through other people profile a bit more humorous than I expected.  The app can really be fun even if you don’t run or have any issues yourself since you can browse through and see what everyone else is posting about.

It will be interesting to follow this app and see who ends up becoming the social president and what happens after that. This could easily prove to be an app which finds itself a cult following with lots of people.  It’s quite easy to use and well worth downloading and giving a try for anyone who’s ever dreamed of running for any sort of office. 

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