VideoPuzzle iPhone App Review – Great Puzzle Game in Real Time

Once again another puzzle games makes me to stun as I have started to play it! VideoPuzzle is such a game and something unique that I have ever seen before. I have never imagined a puzzle game like this as I can see a lot of games in the app store with same game play and minor changes. You people are excellent on choosing a paid application and I will tell you why VideoPuzzle needs your attention.

Do you ever imagine a puzzle game that allows you to play with live videos? And that is what VideoPuzzle does exactly! The game comes with four unique modes such as Arcade Mode, Photo Album Mode, Camera Mode, and Video Album Mode. The first tap takes you to the home screen where you can see the settings option to select the level of difficulty. You can play beginner, easy, normal, hard or extreme by choosing. If you find any difficulties on playing it initially there is a cool demo for how to play.

VideoPuzzle for iPhone

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Let me come to the four modes in the game, where I did see some extreme high quality game play. Another thing I have noticed is the nice backdrop just like a video rolling music. All the modes are given with five levels to play, where you have rewarded with a maximum of three stars based on the timeline to finish the puzzle. So here comes the Arcade mode which shows a video initially and swaps the tiles after few seconds thus started the video rolling. You need to align these four tiles exactly by dragging them to the right spots. Sometimes the tiles may be inverted so you need to double tap on then to make it proper.

Next one is my favorite Camera Mode, where the game stands perfectly on top. On playing it you will be asked to select the camera option i.e., either the front camera or the rear one (if you are playing it on an iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G). By selecting this there starts the magic! The video starts streaming right from your device using any of the cameras! I have spotted the front cam and saw myself in the screen splits into pieces of tiles :-). Of course this was the most entertaining and wondering gameplay on VideoPuzzle.

Photo Album mode allows you to take your personal pictures from the device and you can start playing with it. And Video Album is the same kind where it allows you to take the video clips from your device so that you can make your head bang playing it :-)

VideoPuzlle is a great puzzle game with excellent thoughts that makes sense for its price. You can avail all these interesting game features for just 99 cents from the app store.

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