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This Valentine’s Day themed game is actually four cute games in one.  While entirely unoriginal, this game is still fun.  It appears that the creators of this app just put new graphics on top of other games which have been around for a while.  That being said, the game is still fairly fun and since it's free it is well worth getting.  The games are rather simple to play and don't require much time to learn but can still be challenging enough to enjoy for even experienced game players.

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The first mini-game is called 'shoot it' where you have cupid arrows and you have to shoot heart shaped balloons which are carrying different love themed items like gifts, cards and things of this nature.  The balloons can't escape to the top of the screen or you lose.  To shoot them you have to tilt and move the iPhone or iPad around to get the cross hairs targeting the balloon and then hit the fire button which is on the left side of the screen.  You have five arrows before you have to tap the reload button.  Overall, this is a pretty fun little game but after a while it becomes too difficult to progress because it is too hard to move the cross hairs quickly enough to get them all.

The next game is called “Catch It” where you control a heart shaped cloud by tilting the device back and forth in order to catch hearts which are being dropped by little cupid characters at the top of the screen.  This game is seemingly impossible since the hearts drop quite quickly and even with cat like reflexes you can't manage to catch more than a few.  Maybe I'm just too old for this particular game but I have a hard time believing anyone would be able to get more than about ten hearts which makes this game get old quite quickly.

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The third mini-game is called 'tap it' and it's a two player game.  Each player gets on their own side of the device and when the game starts you have to tap all of your own colored cards.  This is difficult since both players are attempting to tap the same general area.  It's still fun and if you can manage to not be tapping your opponents cards it can be a good time for anyone to play.  This one is perfect for a couple of little kids to play since they can compete against each other while still having fun.

Finally there's “stop it” which is similar to “Catch It” but rather than catch the falling hearts you just have to tap them.  This makes it a whole lot easier and much more fun.  Anyone can get into this game and play it for a few minutes here and there and enjoy it well enough. 

Overall this game is nothing too exciting but for a free app it is worth it.  You can unlock the ability to send greeting cards form the app which is really no more than free advertising for the app since the cards have its name on it, but still kind of fun.  

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