U.S. Traveller iPhone App Review

As the name describes, U.S. Traveler is made for travelers that call the United States their home and travel to countries outside their own. The application itself is overall very simple. In opening the app, on the “Countries” tab, you are presented with a list of countries & their correlating flags. I thought the added flags next to the country names were a nice touch, especially since most people can quickly find a country based on visual representation versus textual representation. I’ve traveled from the U.S. to numerous countries – Chile, Argentina, Germany & Italy to name a few. I cannot say that I was adequately prepared for the countries I visited, but this app for sure would have helped. The amount of information and the ease of access it gives to people is incredibly invaluable.

U.S traveller app review

After tapping on a country name, you are giving the options to view country facts or travel reports. Of course the Country Facts are just that – facts about the selected country, while the Travel Reports really offer significant value to this app. Within Travel Reports, you can view Country Description, Embassy Location, Entry/Exit Requirements, Safety & Security, Information about Crime, if you are a Victim of Crime and what you should do, Criminal Penalties – what should happen to you if you do something you should not have done, Special Circumstances – issues were dual citizenship may prohibit protection from the U.S., Medical Facilities, Medical Insurance, Traffic Safety, Aviation Safety Oversight, and finally, Children’s Issues.

Other tabs offer the ability to view Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts & finally view information about the application.

Like I’ve said before the information provided is incredibly nice to have all in one place. And while it looks like a majority of the information is pulled from publically available websites, navigating governmental websites for that information is not my cup of tea. So a compact solution like U.S. Traveler is very nice to have.

On a different note, a few things that bothered me while using the app was the lack of an offline viewer for the app. Many of the countries I visited did not have Internet access when I first got there, therefore, I would not have been capable of viewing the information. I really hope developers take the offline viewing into consideration – it would make this app stellar! Another issue I ran into was the lack of viewing options. Since the text is pulled from online sources, the text is plain text and can be very small and likely harder to read for some people. It would be nice to have the ability to increase the text for reading.

U.S traveller for iPhone

For any U.S. Traveler, this is a must have application and after having visited numerous countries and experienced some of the things that this app describes, I can say this application has really conquered a niche group in need of good information. I can give this app a good solid four out of five stars. I’d give it five out of five, but the offline viewer is necessary for that. Overall great application and great idea!


-Easy to navigate Interface

-Always up to date

-View current alerts for countries

-Flags representation in country list



-Text small at times

-Must be connected to Internet to view information

-No viewing/reading options

-No offline read mode


Price: $0.99


download U.S traveller

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