UniQXcess iPad App Review

UniQXcess is an app that in its basic format is a file viewer; however, it boasts that you can access your files from your PC remotely. Which seems pretty cool; however, there is no Mac support, which to me seems a bit ironic, really. Anyway, I wasn’t able to test the remote access of the file viewer because I have a Mac. But I was still able to access the file viewer and view local files and files from my Dropbox account.

When opening the application for the first time, you’ll be asked to create account or sign in. It is my assumption that this account is how the application knows where your files are (PC-wise). You’ll need an account to use the application. It then will prompt you to check your e-mail for the download link to the software. This is particularly nice since quite a few applications require this type of software for your computer at home, but don’t automatically send the link to you, so kudos for that.

The application will automatically check to see if your PC software is linked with your account, if it isn’t it’ll prompt you again to resend the e-mail containing the download link. Now those of you that do not have a Mac machine, will find this annoying each time you enter the application in order to use it, since it does not support Mac machines.

Once you have access to the main interface, you will find that it is very polished. I especially liked the look of the different icon formats. For files that it didn’t think it could recognize, like an .exe file, it attaches an “!” next to the icon. If you do try to open it, it won’t open it, but offers the “open in” dialog box so that you can open the file in another application that might be able to open it.

I tested the application by utilizing the Dropbox feature, which is a nice addition. The Dropbox feature works just like the local files viewer (other than it has to download the file temporarily first).

I found the best way to view your files and documents, was by viewing the files and the file viewer in landscape mode. The file browser sits on the left-hand sidebar (1/3 of the screen) and the viewer takes up the majority of the screen when viewing files. When you turn the device upright (portrait-mode) then the file browser takes up half of the screen while the viewer is left with the other half of the screen. I didn’t particularly like the way that this looked. The viewer was impractical in size for viewing much of anything other than thumbnails of photos. I think it would have been better suited if the file browser was a dropdown menu in the top bar.

One of the first things I noticed when I opened the application was a blaring misspelling for the word “Congrats” after creating account. This is really unacceptable in my opinion for any application to be taken seriously, especially since it was literally the first word I saw. I also noticed when leaving the application and coming back into it, I had to re-login and go through the ignore e-mail prompts, which is nice to protect your confidentiality of your documents, but could also be annoying if you are not planning on installing the software. But at least there is a setting for this; you can disable the auto-logout in the settings. If you do select to disable the auto-logout feature, you will still be required to tap the “sign in” button, which signs in for you and then you be prompted to download the link again. It would be nice if there was some way to make the app stop asking me to re-send an e-mail with the download link.

Overall this is a nice application and I’m sure would be nicer if it worked on Apple computers. Windows users should definitely give it a try.


-Dropbox integration
-View & read local files
-Unzips .zip files
-Easy to navigate UI
-Nice file icons
-Automatic “open in” for files it cant read
-Auto logout to protect confidentiality


-Windows only remote file support
-Spelling errors e.g. “Congrates” instead of “Congrats”


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