Thierry Mugler – Angel; App Review


Thierry Mugler has created an app that serves more purpose than just advertisement; it actually appeals to the mass with its unique and posh features.  The quality of app is actually very good with different effects that keep it entertaining.  It’s obvious that the creators put some effort into the overall design. 

Naturally, the app should mimic the product and clearly it does with options of creating your very own whimsical dream experience.  Because the fragrance Angel is shown to have the ability to make your dreams unique and euphoric; this app has a Dream Machine that will generate your very own personal dream and experience.  It’s supposed to relate with your personality and instantly help to bring out the strong and beautiful woman within. 

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Thierry Mugler for iPhone

Before you watch the generated short movie with images specifically designed for you; it will ask you to choose 5 constellations that represent how you currently feel.  There are over 20 different words to choose from and once they are linked together into a star formation; the personal dream that you have created will begin to play.  “Let the Magic Unfold” is what will be whispered as you watch a flash filled movie play.  Each image is supposed to signify internal feelings, but basically leave you a little confused.  It’s similar to a perfume commercial, but generated by your inner being.  Do you every truly understand perfume commercials? 

There is even an option to decide which Angel fragrance will represent your personality for that day.  Again, by combining 5 different constellations that describe your current feeling; this app is able to tell you which bottle of Angel would be your perfect choice.  There are 3 different types that are available, so it’s only obvious to get the same answer 33% of the time.  It is unsure as to whether this is truly based on mood or if a shuffle technique is being used; regardless it’s a neat feature to add onto an advertisement based app. 

Thierry Mugler iPhone app review

As for the posh and trendy features; the entire app is covered in it.  This is apparent in the 2 minute video starring Eva Mendes as you watch her sleep on a train while her dream transforms into a lavish and amazing lifestyle.  It’s showing the effect that wearing Angel can provide.  By the end, the Dream Machine begins to make sense and you’ll probably go back and create another dream.  Again, the movie is similar to a typical perfume commercial filled with artsy puns and modern décor; so don’t expect a full explanation.  Since Eva Mendes is the obvious spokeswoman; it would be cool to see more than just one video in future updates.  One movie can only be watched so many times before it is forgotten.  So; for now, the feature is a bit useless. 

And naturally; the last two options would explain the variety of Angel perfumes available and offer locations of purchase.  After all; this is an advertising app with the sole purpose of getting its name out to consumers.  Overall; the idea of the Dream Machine is a pretty interesting concept and can easily entertain for a few days.  But, without constant updates and applying something new; the app may be forgotten about once the perfume is purchased.  As for the primary purpose of Thierry Mugler creating the Angel app; it definitely serves it well.  If you’re an Angel lover then you’ll definitely enjoy the app. 

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