Take Your Photos on a Map with Photos and Map

If you've ever seen your picture and forgot where it was, or found yourself itching to share a great photo with somebody, but you were away from a computer, we've got an amazing iPhone app called Photo and Map to help you out. Photo and Map is an iPhone application that lets you put your photos on a map.

photo and map for iPhone

This app holds some exciting features such as,

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·       Support in 4 languages.

·       GPS automatic locate your position.

·       Manual positioning. (Drag & drop)

·       Eight kinds of layout mode, double-map layout.

·       No complicated setup and operation, easy to use!

·       Useful compass.

·       Real-Time address support in 15 languages. (Depend on your device language.)

·       Emergency text message (iMessage support).

·       GPS positioning automatically or manually, automatically displays the address and coordinates.

·       Clear map quality. ("Retina display quality" iPhone4 and 4S)

·       Easy scaling picture.

·       Easy to upload to Facebook, Email or save to your iPhone.

Anyone can easily use the iPhone app- “Photos and Map”. It’s very easy as ABC! All of your lovely pictures are now in one app. No need to search all over the phone.

So, this incredible iPhone app lets you show exactly where you took your favorite snapshots. Isn’t it great? Also, when you share your photos with friends, they can see your best photos arrayed directly on a map.

photo and map iPhone app reveiw

The app automatically locates your photos on a map, but in case you want to do it by yourself, the app does have such function. You can place each photo at the exact location where it was taken. Zoom in and out, drag the photos around, and explore them.

With Photo and Map all of your favorite pictures and its places are always with you. So next time you're not able to describe just how awesome, cute, or beautiful something really was, just grab your phone for visual backup. It's really the perfect way to showcase a memorable road trip or a vacation.

Displaying your photos on a map provides a fun and clear way to browse and geographical elements allows your photo album to tell a nice story. “Photo and Map” isn’t just for photographers, businesses in tourism, real estate, and advertising use it to create unique location-specific showcases. How you use it is only limited by your creativity.

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