Sup! App review


I recently got a request to review the social netwoking app 'SUP!' and I've got to say, it's one of the nicer social calendar apps I've tried.  It's got nice custom graphics and very easy navigation with five clear buttons on the bottom and then the on calendar buttons as well.  The registration for this app was very quick and easy, took less than two minutes to get up and running.  I loved the quick tutorial; it was only about 2 minutes at the most but gave me a good understanding of the app and how to use it without wasting my time describing every tiny detail of the app.  Creating an event was nice and easy with quite a few built in event types along with the custom option.

One of my favorite features of this app is that you can invite people directly through the SUP up, or via email or Facebook.  This is going to be very important, especially for the next few months while SUP builds up its user base.  Currently I'm the only one in my social circle that has this app so I was worried that it would be useless but with these other options on how to place invites it works out well.  Making an event is easier in this app than in others I've tried because it allows you to place as much or as little information as you want.  You can send out a general invite for dinner on Friday evening without specifying the time so you can hammer out the details with your friends later. 

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SUP! iPhone App Review

The user interface is really quite intuitive which makes it easy to join or create events, see what you've got coming up and view any invites you have waiting.  The help feature is there when you need it but so far I haven't had any problems which required help because everything is right there in a very user friendly format.  When viewing your calendar it's easy to see which days you have commitments, they are even broken down to morning or evening, so you know at a glance when you are busy and when you are free.

As mentioned before, I was worried about how useful this app would be if all my friends were not using it but it's actually quite useful even just as a personal event calendar.  I will be using this app to help keep track of all my social obligations in one place.  This will help allow me to quickly send out invites to different events or even just to be used as a place to add in my own events that were planned by friends without the use of this app. The one complaint I had, and it's very minor, is the sounds it makes when changing screens is mildly annoying and it's easy to fix by turning off my phone's audio.  Overall I'm very happy with this app and plan on using it for all my social planning.  

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