Stone Age App Review

The Stone Age game is a fairly straight forward game with a top down view where you control a cave man who is out hunting for meat.  On the iPhone the controls are fairly simple with moving is done by tilting the device left or right.  Attacking is done by simply tapping the screen where you want to throw a club and defense works by swiping a finger across the screen.

As you run across a seemingly endless field which alternates between grass, rock with lava and snow.  As you go you need to avoid obstacles such as water, large trees or rocks, or pools of lava.  These are typically easily avoided by running around them.  There are several different enemies which you’ll run across from a Yeti to wolves and even dinosaurs.  You can either avoid them by running around them when possible, or attempt to kill them by throwing clubs at them.  If you can kill one they will turn into a piece of meat which you can then pick up.

stone age for iPhone

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There are other pieces of meat scattered through the area which you need to run over in order to pick up.  The more meat you get the higher your score will be.  The further you run the more difficult it can get.  Enemies start throwing fire or other damaging items at you as well which can prove to be difficult.  In the game you just keep running through the field until you diet where you are presented the opportunity to either continue (go back to running on the field) or visit your village.

The village is where you can spend the meat you find in the field on building additional caves to live in, or buying people to live in the caves with you.  Each person you buy gives some sort of bonus which will help you while on the field.  For example, purchasing a ‘beautiful wife’ will result in 10% more items showing up on the ground in the field to pick up.  Buying a ‘clever wife’ will put 25% more food onto the field.  There is also a shaman which gives you a 10% shield bonus. 

stone age for ipad

Having these upgrades does make the game somewhat more unique than other similar games which are available today.  You’ll enjoy this game for quite a bit longer than other similar games because of the additional challenges associated with getting these achievements.  Some parents might be concerned that the characters (especially the ‘wives’) are dressed in somewhat revealing clothing.  The ‘beautiful wife’ is wearing fur that consists of a one piece outfit which exposes a lot of her cartoon cleavage and is cut to show quite a bit of leg.  Of course, these are cartoon characters and there is no real adult content.

Overall this is a relatively fun game with good quality images and sound. The controls are easy to use and learning to play it takes only moments.  For anyone looking for some good, easy fun, this is a nice game for them.

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