Smart Words FREE iPhone App Review


At first I thought Smart Words was just another scrabble clone but after reading through the scoring instructions and playing a couple games I realized it’s actually quite a bit different and has a lot of fun improvements.  The scoring seemed a lot more complex at first because you get a multiplayer bonus for each syllable your word has.  In addition, unlike scrabble, you can use proper nouns and you have nine tiles in your tray so you can often make much longer and more complex words.  To allow this, the game board is also quite a bit bigger.

smarts word free app review

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I found all the differences between scrabble and Smart Words to be improvements on the classic game.  It’s much easier to find playable words since there are the additional tiles and also since the board is bigger you don’t run into the problem of having so many words cramped together.  This more spread out game play really makes it easier for the average player to find words, especially when you are approaching the end of the game.

Smart Words has made it very easy to find opponents to play against in their app.  You can find other players using your facebook friends, twitter followers, your devices contact list, search for a username or email address already registered for the game or even use their random opponent option. Using the random opponent option is my favorite because you can quickly find someone to play against without having to go through your list of contacts or facebook friends.  The system will match you up with someone else who is currently looking for a random opponent so you can start your game very quickly.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it found me opponents, in the five games I’ve started this way it never took more than 30 seconds to find someone.

smart words free for iPhone

One thing which wasn’t that great with this app is if you happen to lose signal on your phone while the app is open it gives you an error message and closes down.  This was very annoying since it would happen sometimes when I was trying to place letters on the board.   It would be much better if the game would save the location of letters you are placing before it closes or else only gives you the error if you are attempting to send your word with no signal.  This happened several times to me due to poor signal strength while I’m at work.  Other than that issue, the only thing I found annoying was the size of the ‘play’ and other buttons were too small which sometimes made them difficult to hit properly.

While there are a few minor things which should be improved, I was very satisfied with this game overall.  It really gave new life to the classic scrabble game and added a lot of nice features which make it even more enjoyable.  I am confident that anyone who likes to play scrabble will love playing Smart Words even more!

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