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The pin locker app is designed to be one place where you can safely store all your usernames, passwords, PINs and other information which you need to have but can't let fall into the wrong hands.  This app is very simple to use, when the app opens you have to put in your password (so you have to remember that one!) and then you can see all your other information organized for you.  With today's high tech world which requires a password for just about everything, this is a great way to keep them all organized and in one place so they are easy to find.

Most security experts suggest that people don't use the same password for all their different things, and many programs have different security requirements so it is impossible to make them all the same.  This is where pin locker really comes in handy.  When you start getting so many different user names, passwords and personal identification numbers it is almost impossible to keep track of them all.  This app does that very simply.

pin locker iPhone app review

Some very sensitive accounts, such as banks or investments will actually require that you have a personal identification number in addition to a full password.  This app has an option for that so you can add on additional information.  This could be useful for entering your password and then also the answer to a security question if it were required.  Whatever information you need to be able to get into accounts can easily be stored right in this app.

While most people log into things like email or their computers daily so they are not likely to forget those passwords, there are many things which may only need to be logged into once a month or even less than that.  For these types of programs it can be very difficult to remember what password you chose. Playing the guessing game with passwords can be dangerous since you can easily lock yourself out and then have to go through the hassle of getting a new password unlocked.  This app will make it much easier for you to just have those rarely used user names and passwords stored securely. 

pin locker for iPhone

In addition to being so simple to use and functional, this app has a few features which really set it apart from any similar types of apps.  First, PIN locker remembers the previous passwords when you make a change.  This is important in case you accidentally did not change the password when you thought you did.  If you're entering a password to a website you can add in the URL and go right to that page from the app.  This makes it quick to jump in to get the password and then go right to the page before you forget what that password was. 

There are several other unique features which really make this app stand out compared to others which offer similar functionality.  If you're looking for a place to store all your user names and passwords securely, this is definitely the app for you. 

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