Picture Hangman Review

Picture hangman is a new app available which is similar to traditional hangman but rather than guessing letters, you guess little pieces of the overall picture.  In picture hangman there is a picture in place of where the word would normally go.  For example, one puzzle solution would be a picture of a woman’s purse.  Now these pictures are similar to chalk drawings, not actual photographs.  At the bottom of the screen there are a bunch of pieces of pictures, also in chalk.  You need to attempt to figure out which of the small pictures at the bottom of the screen belong in the picture and which don’t.

picture hangman for iPhone

When you think you know which piece of the picture belongs you slide it up to the main part of the screen.  If it’s correct, the piece of the picture will go into the place where it belongs.  If it’s wrong, you get a strike.  You keep guessing which pieces are in the picture and which are not until you’ve either completed the picture successfully, or you run out of strikes.  Just like with traditional hangman you win if you finish the puzzle correctly and lose if you run out of strikes.

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The game is very easy to pick up and play right from the start.  There is nothing confusing or difficult about this well made game, except for solving the puzzles.  Many of the puzzles are extremely challenging, especially at first.  For many puzzles you may have to just make random guesses to get started but then once you have some pieces in place it does become easier. 

The game will keep track of how many games you’ve played and your winning and losing percentages which is a nice touch.  It makes it fun to attempt to improve your overall win/loss percentage over time, and it will also keep track of how much time you’ve spent playing the game.  The images within the game are pretty basic, but that is intentional because if they used real pictures or anything besides these chalk like drawings it would be too easy to solve the puzzle. 

picture hangman review

Overall the game is pretty fun and a nice take on the old hangman game.  They’ve really made the game unique and easily playable.  This is not a game you’re likely to spend hours playing, or a game which will be your favorite of all time, but it is still fun.  This is a game which can be enjoyed by people from about 8 years old up through adults.

One nice thing about this game is that there are a lot of different images.  I’ve played the game for a few hours and have not had any repeat images yet which was somewhat surprising to me.  It is a fun game to play in your free time for a few minutes or a few hours.  It’s also a nice game to play with your children since they will very much enjoy the game and trying to figure out what the pictures are. 

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