PhotoPieces App Review

PhotoPieces is a fun little photo-manipulation app for iPhone that is based on creating photo-collages out of unique designs. The designs are available in the app as templates, although there is a very limited amount of them -- six to be exact. Despite this, the app is something unique on the App Store because it really allows you to create some interesting looking images.

For instance, there is a template that has a swirl where you can insert a different background into each of these swirls to create a surreal effect. Another cool thing about PhotoPieces is that each different shape within the templates can have a photo inserted into it. These shapes or mini-designs are color-based so the app recognizes them. They change colors when you insert a photo in them to whatever the photo contains.

Photopieces for iPhone

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To get more (than the six available) templates you can click on the "more templates" icon on the lower right of the template screen. However, the app will then take you to Flickr. This way you can select additional templates to add into the app and create collages out of. However, this isn't very intuitive because it launches Safari right away and many of us iPhone users do not use Safari as our main browser. It would have been nice to highlight and copy the Flickr url directly from the app. It also isn't very intuitive because to import these templates into the app and start creating photo-collages you will need to save them to your photo library and import them from the app later. 

PhotoPieces actually supports any number of designs, even by your own creation alone, from your photo library. You can create custom designs, but many simple do not work well -- like ones based on real people and real photographs rather than artistic designs. The ones that work based need clearly-defined lines and curves so the app can recognize the edges of where nee collage photos can be inserted.

Overall, if you enjoy photo-editing, image-manipulation, or artistic iPhone apps, check PhotoPieces out on the App Store. It is currently free, but comes with some ads displayed inside the app. They are small and not too distracting, however, and do not display when you are actually inserting photos into the templates. The app is worth to at least try out, if you want to create some unique imagery to show off to friends.

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