Photo Slide Stream iPad App Review

Photo slide stream is a nifty iPad application that allows you to display your pictures as a slide show or gives you the ability to manually swipe through your photos. Photo slide stream pulls pictures from multiple sources - Facebook, your camera roll and albums, Picasa photos, and Twitpic (commonly used with Twitter accounts.)

Connecting with all the different services is relatively easy to complete. Connecting and disconnecting the different services can be done via the settings tab. Also in the settings tab, you can adjust the seconds in which photos are displayed; however, the minimum amount of time on the photos is 10 seconds. I personally like my photos to got fly by in about five to seven seconds; especially, when I have quite a few photos to display. In addition you have the ability to turn off and on randomising (yes, "randomize" is intentionally misspelled, as it is misspelled in the app) photos in the slideshow.

After connecting to the services, you have the ability to select which albums from your connected service or even individual photos you want to show up in your slide show. While being able to select photos and albums to display in the slideshow, you also have the ability to star the items in case you want to favorite them for quick retrieval at a later date.

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Photo Slide Stream ipad app

A couple issues I encountered - after clicking on an album, then tapping on individual files, I swiped to view the next photo, only to find that the same photo appeared. You can only swipe to the next photo if it has been added to the current slideshow. I would like to see the ability to view photos in full screen and add them to the slideshow at the same time, because sometimes, small thumbnails are too hard to see when constructing a slideshow.

The other issue I ran into was that, I was not able to update the albums while I was on 3G. I guess I can see where this is a good thing, mainly due to the amount of data this can eat up, but since I have unlimited data, I do not mind as much. Whether this is a limitation due to Apple's restrictions or not, I am not sure.

Regarding the user interface with this application, it is pretty good. It is fairly easy to use and I did not run into very many issues (other than the ones stated above.) The interface is slick and fluid. I did not have any lag when loading images.

Overall the application is a pretty cool concept, I would really like to see the decrease in slideshow seconds per picture and maybe some added picture services such as Flickr, photo bucket and other services.

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