PDF Connoisseur for iPad Review

Anyone looking for an app to help expand their iPad's PDF capabilities will really not need to look any further than the PDF connoisseur.  So far this app has done everything I could have ever asked it to do and much more.  There are dozens of PDF apps on the market today but none can give you the full functionality like this one can. 

To start with, you'll love some of the features which are exclusive to this app.  One of the things you'll love most is the text to speech option.  You can have your iPad read you PDF documents so you can get your work done while driving or performing other tasks.  The voice is very easy to understand and it gets the vast majority of words correct.  The few times where it doesn't know what the word is, it's easy to figure it out since it just sounds it out phonetically.  Whether you're having it read you an e-book or an important document for work, this feature alone is worth the price of the whole app.

PDF Connoisseur iPad app review

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Another feature which I have been unable to find on any other app is the great 'Save to PDF' option.  This app lets you take files of just about any other type and save them as PDF's, right on your iPad.  You can convert Word, Excel, web pages and dozens of other popular formats in just seconds.  Once you've got them in the standard PDF format you can use the other great features like annotations and other comments.

When you need to get files from your other computers, the PDF connoisseur makes it incredibly quick and easy.  This app allows you get any files from several different cloud providers like dropbox, GoogleDocs, FTP and much more.  You'll love how you can quickly download and edit any PDF file and then put it back on your home or office computer in just seconds through either a 3G or WiFi connection.   You'll never have to worry about forgetting a file at the office again with this impressive feature.

PDF Connoisseur app review

While all these unique features are maybe the most impressive part of this app, they did not leave any of the more traditional features out either.  You can read very large PDF files and they open and display very quickly.  You can fill out PDF forms, use password protection and even open zip or rar type compressed files.  You can even write out your signature using your finger or stylus pen freestyle to give your PDF documents that personal look.

The bottom line is this app is easily the best PDF reader/writer you'll ever see.  It has every great feature you could want from a PDF app.  It takes advantage of the lightening fast iPad processor to load up and display the documents quickly, and of course they look incredible on the iPads beautiful display. Whether you're just a basic user of PDF files or someone who works with them every day, this app is both easy to use and incredibly functional.  There is virtually nothing you can't do to your PDF files using this app. 

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