Oh My Nuts Game Review

Oh My Nuts is a game app which is similar in many ways to angry birds where you have to launch something across the screen attempting to hit an object.  In this game you are shooting a squirrel (out of the mouth of a pig) at a series of three stars with an acorn at the landing point.  For each level you need to shoot the squirrel at the correct angle to get all three stars and land in the proper place to collect the nut. 

oh my nuts iPhone app review

As you progress through each level there are more and more obstacles to get in your way including ‘bad birds’ which will knock you off course, trampoline like platforms which you can bounce off of, a barrel which will hold you and spin until you tap again to be re-launched.  Each of these items can cause difficulty to getting to the nut at the end, or help you to get past the level.  As in most games, the difficulty gets worse and worse as you continue through the levels of the game.

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This is overall a very fun game, which requires a steady hand and concentration to make sure you get it right.  While it does start out extremely easy where you only have to shoot the squirrel in a very simple arc, it quickly becomes more challenging. 

I don’t think the game has quite as many hours of fun built into it as a game like angry birds, but it is still a nice little game, which will keep you entertained for quite some time.  You’ll love all the different achievements built in, which makes it so you don’t just want to beat a level, but beat it in a specific way to get the achievements you might be missing. 

The graphics are very well made, even though they are a little bit silly.  Don’t ask why you are a squirrel who is chewed up in the pig’s mouth only to be shot out (unharmed) at some stars to get a nut since there seems to be no answer given in the story line, but if you’re not worried about a complex story line, this could be a fun game for you.  Most people will enjoy the progressive difficulty and fun look and feel of the game enough to overlook the missing elements.

oh my nuts game review

This game seems like it was also made so it can be expanded upon down the road if the developers want because you start off going through the “Japan” world which will then unlock the “USA” world and so on.  This leaves some good opportunities for the developers to improve upon this already pretty fun game. 

Based just on this version, however, it is still well worth the price to download this game and give it a try.  It will provide a good game to come back to whenever you have a few minutes to play a game and want to advance one more level.  It’s also a great game for kids who will appreciate the funny looks and sounds of the game. 

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