Nukes iPhone App Review

Nukes is a fairly typical game in which you have to have careful timing to hit a moving object.  The layout has you controlling one 'world' at the bottom of the screen and than another world at the top.  When it is your turn to fire a nuke the enemy world at the top of the screen is spinning either clockwise or counter clockwise and you have to hit 'launch' to shoot your missal at one of the cities on the other world.  If you hit the city it removes one of the 'lives' of the enemy.  You get one shot, then the enemy gets one shot.

You can play either by your self against the computer or verses a friend by passing the phone back and forth. Playing against the computer you start a level one which is pretty simple and work your way up.  The computer's skill seems to be somewhat based on yours as in one game I missed about 4 times in a row and the computer continued to miss mostly as well.  I can't say that is 100% true though that is the impression I got.

Nukes app review

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As the levels go up the world spins a little faster making it more difficult to time your shots correctly.  While this does increase the difficulty, it is still a relatively simple game to learn and even master.  It is a fairly straight forward game with virtually no learning curve at all.  Children will likely enjoy this game more than adults as older players will likely get bored of it fairly quickly.  

The images in the game look great, very high definition.  The game play is very smooth, especially the spinning worlds.  It really didn't jump or skip at all which made it very nice. The missal shoots nicely across the screen and while there are a couple cities I'm pretty sure I should have it, it does seem accurate the vast majority of the time.

The sound track gets a bit old after a few minutes of play so I turned that off, the sound effects are fine but really nothing special.  Every time you hit a city it gives you a little congratulatory message such as, “Devastation”, or “Nice”.  This helps you know for sure that you hit the city in case you were not paying attention to the number of lives your enemy had. 

nukes for iPhone

Overall this game is fairly enjoyable for a bit.  Since it is such an inexpensive game you'll likely think it is worth the money.  You will get at least an hour of somewhat challenging entertainment out of the game, and if you have kids they will love it for days.  Another nice thing about it for kids is that it is such a simple concept you won't have to waste a lot of time explaining to them how to play.  There is really nothing wrong with the game.  It plays just as designed and for people who like these type of games where you have to have precise timing to hit a moving target, this one is pretty fun.  

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