Note Goal Pro – App Review

Learning the piano has never been easy, but with app introductions such as Note Goal Pro; it makes learning the piano a lot more fun!  This app is able to teach about note placement, how to read music, and the definition of each note per key.  It’s very similar to taking piano lessons in your very own home, but without a piano; and seems to be just as efficient.  The only that is needed after you’ve mastered this app is an actual piano to practice with. 

When initially signing on; you are asked to create a new username or play as a guest.  The recommendation would be to create a new username especially if you’re goal is to follow the steps in learning the piano.  Once you sign in as a user, you’re brought to a virtual piano.  This is where you can personalize it to make it understandable for your particular learning curve. 

Note Goal pro iPad app reveiw

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For instance; on the right hand corner of the virtual music sheet, you will see multiple option icons that offer different features.  The piano picture allows the keys to become bigger if needed while the letter “A” can add the actual notes onto the keys to help with understanding.  Some people need it and others don’t.  The color wheel to the right provides different colored keys to help with memorizing while the pinwheel option gives you a variety of choices for learning purposes.

Once this is clicked on; you can specify clefs and key signature for the piece of music that you are learning.  You can also adjust the difficulty level and determine whether you want a personal tutor through the app.  This means that the app is perfect for beginners as well as those who have a vast knowledge in playing, but are still in dire need of practice.  Notes per page, number of pages offered, and the highest note it will show are all things that can be done from this option.  And when you’ve finally set up the app to your personal preferences; you can now begin to play!

note goal pro for iPad

To begin; you can hit the notes and hear a true and precise piano sound as if you were playing from an actual piano.  With every sound that is played; you will see the placement of notes on the musical sheet teaching you how to read music while you play.  This is just the beginning in order to become comfortable and understanding of the music.  Once you feel as though you’ve mastered this; you can now begin to play sheet music!

To the right of the app; you will see a “play” button that will bring up a song on the sheet music for you to play.  This is timed and also tests your knowledge of note placement, so it’s recommended to learn it first or you’ll be lost.  A recommendation to the developer would be to add an option to increase the variety of notes available to help with learning full sheet music.  But, for now; this app does its job when learning the placement of keys and notes. 

With Note Goal Pro; learning the piano is easier than ever.  All that you need is an iPad and this app; and you’ll be able build your knowledge and playing ability.  Once you’ve done this; you can surprise the world with something that you’ve learned all on your own.  

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