My Grandma Reads Me Books App Review

Before going for this app review, I would like to convey my tribute to the man of Inventions, Steve Jobs! Hats off Steve! Let me start with My Grandma Reads Me Books, which is a fantastic app for children to promote reading, illustration, and games.  Based on the high demand for virtual books; this app definitely fits the profile as one of the top featured.  The choices and options can keep a child busy all day with an additional effect on learning the love for reading.  The main page gives all of the choices including a virtual reading of the book named after the app.  However, other options include a virtual coloring book, mazes, and even a recording technique to record your voice narrating the same book. 

My Grantma Reads Me Book iPad app review

The virtual book offers two options; but they both seem very similar.  There is a soft lullaby playing in the background as the male narrator tells the story about a young girl who taught her grandmother to read.  Each page will offer a different picture to match the words of the book that appear.  This allows children to read along with the narrator since he speaks slow enough to follow.  The pages will automatically turn or a swift swipe of a finger can do the same; regardless there is an option to stop the recording at any time throughout the tale.  At the end of the story; there is a small poem about this particular penguin that will convince you to go back through the pages of the story looking for his appearances.  The illustration and designs are nicely done and can easily entertain any child. 

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But, what makes this unique is the recording option that allows you to say the same story in your own voice.  Children can record themselves as well as parents for their children as it is a great story to listen to while they sleep.  You can even select a personal image for the CD, title it, and save it as a personal collection on the app.  You can save up to 5 different recordings of the book along with the added 2 that are originally there.  This is the app’s personal narrator; though it’s still undetermined why there are two selections of the same narrator in this personal collection.  A great added effect from the developer would be the option to delete those selections; as of right now they seem to be mandatory.

My Grandma Reads Me Books for iPad

In addition; there is a featured coloring book that also serves as reading material telling a story about that special penguin.  It’s the picture book that was discussed during the main story on the app and is a little bare with color.  On the bottom there are crayon options and with one simple click; you are able to turn your finger into a coloring utensil and physically color in the blank pictures.  By the end; your child has just illustrated their very own book.  It would be great to have the choice of saving the work, but for now; they can continue to color the same picture over and over again. 

Lastly; there is a fun maze game that can be played offering 3 different levels.  The goal is to manually move the iPad around and effectively get the round rock to roll through certain areas to eventually reach Grandma.  With every correct turn there are bells and whistles that inform you of a great job; perfect for constant reassurance.  Once you complete all 3 levels; Grandma can officially read!

The language is offered in Korean or English making it convenient for both.  It would be great to have the option of downloading additional books to play with; but that will probably be an update in the near future.  In the meantime; it will definitely be loved by children.

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