Musical Puzzle HD for iPad

Musical puzzle HD is, from what I have seen, a unique app for the iPad which combines the addictive fun of a jigsaw puzzle with classic songs.  Rather than moving pieces around to make a picture you have to touch the pieces to hear them play a sound which is just a second or two long.  You then place the pieces in order to make the full song.  This addicting game has many song options so you won’t get repeats and in my case I was very familiar with nearly every tune which was played. 

This game can get quite tricky when attempting to get some of the different parts of the song to the right spots since they often sound very similar to other parts of the song.  This is especially true when just starting a new puzzle since you might think you know the song better than you really do.  It is a big advantage to have a keen ear for different notes and melodies, but it is certainly not a requirement.

Musical Puzzle HD iPad app review

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I had a lot of fun with this app and my children are enjoying it as well.  It will surely provide hours of entertainment for people of any skill level.  One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re playing the game near other people make sure to bring headphones.  While listening to the same 2 second bit of audio will seem fine while playing the game, it quickly gets annoying to those around you who are not. 

The game play of this app is very smooth and intuitive.  Sliding the pieces around to get them in order is simple and easy.  There’s no significant learning curve for figuring out how to play the game and with so many different songs it’s easy to skip one you may not be familiar with to move on to something else.

Moving the puzzle pieces around to activate their piece of the song so you can place them into the whole song (shown at the top) is challenging but manageable for just about anyone.  The trick is to learn to get all the pieces in order quickly since you are timed and must complete the songs within the set time limit.

musical puzzle hd app review

This app takes full advantage of the iPad’s great sound since each note is nice and clear which makes it much easier to play.  The HD quality images look great and make for a very nice looking game play experience.  They certainly did not sacrifice the look of the game to focus on the audio even though it is music and audio focused game.

This fun app is would make a great addition to any music class, or to help your kids gain an appreciation for how each set of notes goes together to help create songs.  Helping people listen to how the different notes sound together is going to be useful for anyone who is getting ready to learn more about music or learn to play an instrument.  

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