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The iPhone and iPad have been extremely popular for a number of things since they came out but one thing which has been surprising by many is how many great educational uses there is for them.  One type of education app which many people might never know about is those which are designed for very young children.  The music color app is designed to not only help little kids learn their colors but also get a great appreciation for music.  The app is set up with large panels of different colors for little kids to choose and interact with in a simple way.

music color app review

As a child picks a color the app will clearly say that color and begin playing music to help keep the kids interested.  At the same time six panels of pictures of items which are that color will pop up.  For example, when you choose blue the images will be of a blue bird, a blue truck, a blue sapphire, blue water, a blue umbrella and a blue balloon.  When you tap any of these pictures it will come up with a full screen picture of something related to them and a sound effect or music change.  When you tap the balloon, for example, it will show a random picture of a blue balloon.  One is of a little girl holding a balloon; the next may be of a blue balloon floating up into the sky.  As you tap through there are several different pictures for each panel on each color.

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Going between colors is simple and the classical music that is played for each color is a nice touch which will likely keep kids interested for longer.  As your child learns the colors they can also play the included game for each color.  The game is quite simple where it will show four images, one of them being the color they are looking for.  For example, again with blue being the color of choice, the four pictures are a white duck, yellow sunflower, brown violin and a blue umbrella.  You tap the blue umbrella and the app gives you applause, shows you a picture of the umbrella and then gives you four more choices to pick from.

music color iphone app review

Overall the app is very easy to use and will help any little kid learn their colors in a fun and interactive way.  There are far more different pictures than I would have expected which makes this app even more useful as the kids will want to see all the different pictures. 

Of course, this app is not for adults or even kids over the age of two or so since they will quickly get bored of it, but when teaching children their colors this will be a very useful app to have.  It is well worth making the purchase if you have, or are expecting, kids who are between one and three years old and want to start learning all their colors.  Another nice thing about it is the music is classical so it won’t be as annoying to the adults in room while children play with it. 

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