Mike V: Skateboard Party HD - App Review

Mike V: Skateboard Party HD is a skateboard game for the iPhone and iPad with intense visuals and enticing gameplay.

The game starts off by allowing you to customize nearly every aspect of your avatar, from the classic to the current Mike V to other people. You are capable of customizing the skateboard, wheels, axles, and even the shoes the avatar wears. All of the different customizations can be unlocked during gameplay.

There are three main modes of gameplay - Career, Free Skate & Multiplayer. Career is where all the action occurs. This is where you can earn XP, level up your avatar, and unlock new items and maps. Free Skate, is just that -- free skating without a time limit. Lastly,  Multiplayer allows you to play with a buddy on the same local connection as you.

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Mike V: Skateboard Party HD iPhone app review

You only have one map unlocked when you first begin. Each map has a list of achievements to accomplish before you can unlock the next map. Examples of such accomplishments include scoring 2000+ points in a session, finding all the hidden objects, getting a certain amount of points in a combo move, or simply just finding different parts of the map.

I was quite impressed by the size of the maps; however, this is based on just the two maps I had unlocked by the time of this review. The first map can easily give you a good idea on just how big the maps are. There is plenty to learn & try out. I must say, I am in no way a skateboarder in the "real world," however, this game easily captured my attention.

Mike V: Skateboard Party HD ipad app review

While the visuals, music, and gameplay are outstanding for both the iPhone & the iPad, I had a few issues with the menus themselves before I ever got into the actual game. Every time you tap the "next" arrow, you have to wait for the next menu to load -- about 4-6 seconds. This got especially annoying when I was trying to go back to the main menu and had to tap the "back" arrow four times, waiting for each screen to load. Also, in one of the menus where you can pick the maps that are available, you can view the maps that are still locked (you just cannot play them) and you can tap the map to see the next one, but if you want to go back one, you cannot do that -- you must cycle through them all first. I also found that when I tapped the "back" arrow to go to a previous screen from the maps screen, I found you MUST be on an "unlocked" map before going back -- this seemed a tad unnecessary.

Overall, the pros heavily outweigh the cons of this game and it is a definite recommendation for anyone wanting a skateboarding or an intense visual game to play on their iPhone & iPad.

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