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If you've been looking for an app that will allow you to keep your media hidden from spying eyes; then MediaSafe is the app for you.  It serves as your personal safe where you can hold photos, videos, contacts, and notes that are blocked behind a finger slide code.  It is your personal combination that will eventually allow access, but will lock up if someone else tries and continuously gets it wrong.

When first logging on; the app asks you to initially set your code.  You can use just about any dotted combination by sliding your finger around the screen.  As long as your finger stays on the screen; it can be considered a code.  It will ask you twice to insure that there weren't any mistakes and once you've complied; it brings you to the main menu.  From there; you can choose which category to begin your importing.

mediasafe iphone app review

The first category is photos.  When you click on it, you are brought to any current albums.  However, the plus button located at the top right allows you to add starting with an album name.  In other words, you cannot just add photos without having an album allowing you to keep everything very organized.  Pressing the plus button will continue to add albums and pictures that may currently be on your device.  Luckily; the bottom right button that looks like a camera will take any current pictures to store in MediaSafe rather than your phone.  It's very convenient. 

The video category is ran the same exact way as the photos.  But, when you add videos based on the plus button; it brings you to the current videos found on your device.  This is very convenient and prevents you from having to sort through all of the photos in order to find a few videos.  And similar to the photo category; you can push the camera button on the bottom right and record instant video to store.  Everything is available at the push of a button making it extremely user-friendly.

The next category is for your contacts.  Once you are on the main contact page; you can push the plus button and it will ask whether you want to import from your current device's contacts or if you just want to add manually.  Importing from your contact list is very easy.  One lick on the list provided and you will have an imported contact with notes.  However, it's also very easy when adding contacts and offers categories such as name, phone, email, and any added notes.  Remember, it's all hidden away safely; so don't feel hesitant about what you write.  

mediasafe review

But, the favorite category is located under notes.  When clicking on this; you can look at any added notes as well as the initial date.  This will help you keep track especially if you are an avid note taker.  To add a note; you can click on the plus button and it will bring you to a yellow notepad where you can type anything that you wish knowing that it will be safely hidden away.  This serves as a great journal.  And once you've typed in your personal inquiries; you can hit the plus button again and consider it added. 

There is a share button located on the top right of main page that allows you to share information about MediaSafe to others via email or Facebook.  This is a great idea added by the developer to advertise.  It's a great app that allows you to really keep anything personal completely hidden.  You no longer have to feel as though your phone is an open book!  


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