The Marblez App Review

The Marblez is a new app which is similar to the bejeweled but with some interesting twists.  First, rather than jewels the game uses different colored marbles.  There are two different modes of play, classic and action.  One of them allows you to advance up in levels while the other just gets progressively more difficult as you continue to play.  The object of the game is to get three or more marbles of the same color lined up horizontally.  When this happens, they disappear.  To line them up you simply slide each of five columns of marbles up and down.

Marbles of random color drop in from the top and bottom giving you more marbles to work with, but also less room to move them up and down.  If the marbles fill up the screen then you lose so moving quickly is very important.  There is significant strategy in attempting to get more than three marbles lined up to get rid of more in one shot and also increase the number of points acquired from the match.

the marblez iPhone app review

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In addition to moving whole columns up and down to attempt to match the marbles up, you can also move the center row back and forth to help get better options for achieving matches.  The concept of the game is very simple and has only a very short learning curve.  People of any age could easily pick this game up and be playing effectively in a matter of minutes.  Of course, mastering the game is much more difficult and requires a lot of thinking ahead and watching for the best patterns to emerge.

The only thing some people might complain about with this app is it can get repetitive since every level is effectively the same thing except a little faster.  With this type of game, however, that is to be expected and should not be a surprise to anyone.  These matching or puzzle games are extremely popular with many people despite being relatively simple in how the game works.  This is, perhaps, because they are designed to be played by just about anyone and can be pulled out and played for a few minutes or a few hours at a time with no problem.

the marblez for iPhone

This game, unlike many other similar options available, is very well made in that the graphics look beautiful on the iPhone or iPod touch.  The music and sound effects are all top notch and help really bring out the best in the game.  All the controls are extremely responsive and easy to use.  Moving the marbles up and down or left and right is nice and smooth and there is never a problem with the marbles not moving far or fast enough, or moving too far. 

Overall this is a great game for anyone looking for a fun puzzle game or bejeweled alternative.  Everything about the marblez is well done and easy to use.  While not the most complex game on the market, it will keep most people entertained for hours and what more can anyone ask for from a video game. 


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