Manal AlAlem Kitchen App Review

For anyone who enjoys, or wants to experiment with Middle-Eastern cooking this is easily the best app available today.  Manal AlAlem is the premier cook throughout the Arab world and is famous for producing and hosting her own TV cooking show, opening cooking centers to teach people to cook Middle-Eastern cuisine properly and writing several best selling cook books. 

This app was made not only to allow people to learn how to cook this exciting type of food but also for ease of use.  It is first broken down by which category of food you’d like to make including Salads, Appetizers, Side Dishes, Main Dishes and, of course, desserts.  Once you’ve chosen the type of food you want to make you can scroll through images of each of the available recipes. 

Manal AlAlem Kitchen iPhone app review

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Each picture will show you what the end result will look like and if you want to give it a try you simply tap the image and the detailed recipe will be displayed with instructions on how to make it.  The directions are very clear and easy to understand making it possible for even the beginner cook to make perfectly. 

If you find a recipe you really enjoy you can mark it as a favorite so you can easily find it again any time you want to make it.  You can also perform a search within the app to find the exact recipe you’re looking for.  These features make this app incredibly easy to use to find a huge range of Middle-eastern foods to try.

Whether you enjoy cooking for yourself, your family or even large parties this is the perfect app for you.  It will allow you to create a huge number of delicious dishes which everyone will love.  If you’re of Middle-Eastern heritage this app will help expand the number of dishes you can make and give you ideas on new and exciting things to try.

Manal AlAlem Kitchen iPad app review

If you’re not Middle-Eastern but are just interested in learning to cook these great tasting dishes it is also perfect for you.  This app will make it extremely easy to learn and try all the hundreds of different dishes available in the app.  Many people who are not as familiar with this type of food will love the full color images of every recipe.  It allows people to choose dishes which they are comfortable with at first before expanding into any of the more difficult dishes.

In addition to being an excellent app for learning to cook, it is really a well made app which is very intuitive and easy to use.  Simply sliding your finger to scroll through the different pictures of the recipes will let you go through everything in each category.  A single tap is enough to open up and see the full recipe and dragging up down to view the rest of the page.  From the time you open this app you’ll enjoy its ease of use and extremely helpful and detailed recipes for each of the delicious creations!

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