Master Key – Lock, Protect, and Manage Your Info App Review


There are millions of protective apps that are on the market, but only a few of them are actually effective.  Master Key – Lock, Protect, and Manage Your Info is an app that provides exactly what it states.  Since digital has become the way of life; passwords, pin codes, credit cards, passport information, and many other things vital to know.  But, you can’t be expected to remember it all!  This is why storing it somewhere without fear of it being seen is very important. 

When initially signing on to the app; you will need to input some information to set everything up.  Luckily; Master Key provides specific categories to make it easy.  These include work, travel, health, email address, and much more.  The best part is that if you choose to add additional and more personalized categories; the option is there.  However, there are still many different ways to input information to make it convenient.  Even the general tab allows extra space for those that have a lot to remember. 

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Master Key app review

One of the most convenient features is when you add your credit cards.  There is an actual credit card that pops up with the numbers provided that will help you differentiate between a slue of credit cards.  When looking in your wallet, you typically choose based on color.  With Master Key; you are still able to do the same thing without having to read and open each one.  The convenience of this can be quite easy. 

Since the app itself is fairly user friendly; adding the information is a quick process.  Once this is complete; you are asked to provide a password that will need to be punched in each time that you access the app.  There isn’t any limitation on the number of characters; so it is perfectly fine to have your password be 22 characters long if you prefer.  There are also two different ways to view your password.  So, whether you’re looking for a plain keypad that can be punched in or a mixed group of characters that need to be connected; you have the option of either. 

Now, how great would this app be if you weren’t able to store your own password to it?  After you’ve decided on the appropriate pin; you are asked to back it up in your DropBox which will store the password incase it is forgotten.  In fact, you can actually back up all of your information that is in the app via DropBox for instances where the phone or app may fail.  The security features alone is what makes this app nearly unbreakable.

Master Key for iPhone

But, the one thing that has many people running to the app store to purchase this is the last security feature that makes this a guaranteed Master Key.  By default, if someone tries to access your information and types in the password wrong; they won’t be able to get anywhere.  However, you can actually set it up that after a certain number of attempts; the information is automatically erased preventing anyone from accessing it.  Not to worry; if you’ve backed everything up on DropBox, you’ll still be able to retrieve it whenever you’re ready.     

The fact remains that there are many different things that need to be memorized nowadays and that can be overwhelming.  With Master Key; you’re able to feel safe in storing your information without the fear of it being taken.  So, make sure to check it out and stop writing everything down! 

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