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The JumiCam app allows you to view streaming video from any web cam you want with ease.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up the software on my PC and then connect from my phone to see what’s going on at my house.  The JumiCam app also works very well on either a 3G connection or WiFi which I was initially concerned about because streaming video can sometimes have issues on 3G. 

This app allows you to connect to as many different web cams as you want so you can monitor your entire house while you’re away if you want.  It can really take the place of an entire security service if you wanted it to.  There are many ways to use this wonderful little app from keeping an eye on a babysitter while you’re out on a date to making sure your pet is safe at home while you’re at work.  I used it so I can keep an eye on my children when they are home alone to ensure they are safe and also behaving. 

Jumicam app review

When using JumiCam to monitor your web cams remotely you can also quickly snap pictures of what the web cam is showing so you can view or share them later.  This is a great way to capture proof of some sort of misbehavior by your kids, nanny or baby sitter.  It’s also great to catch your children or pets doing something adorable so you can share the pictures on facebook!

The app functions extremely well and I have not yet had any major issues with it not working or freezing up at all.  The streaming video comes through with excellent quality and it does not jump or skip or pixelate at all.  Another great feature with JumiCam is that you can connect your TV through your PC and then watch any TV show live from your phone.  This is really an excellent way to kill some time while waiting in line or avoiding working.  The audio and video are great while streaming TV shows or movies.

Jumicam for iPhone

One other feature which many people will love is you can view your desktop from your phone.  This way you can either monitor what activity is taking place on your computer to make sure your children (or spouse!) is not doing anything inappropriate online while you’re away.  This is a great way to keep your children safe on the computer even when you can’t be there to look over their shoulder all the time.

The main drawback on this app is, it won't support Mac computers! Apart from this big minus, I am exceptionally happy with JumiCam because of all the different features available.  It really allows you to do anything you could ever want from this type of program.  From monitoring your home for security to spying on your spouse, kids or nanny, this app can really do it all.  With all the features jam packed into this great app I was surprised at the very reasonable price tag.  I highly recommend this app to everyone!

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