iPad App Review: Vodio

Vodio is a great new app for the iPad that allows you to watch videos quickly and easily. Like other similar apps, this one has an impressive display and is able to get videos from a number of different sources. The controls are very easy to learn and use, which makes this a great app for anyone who enjoys watching all sorts of videos. While all this alone makes for a pretty good app, Vodio has some impressive features which nobody else has to date.

Vodio allows you to rate the videos you see, and it takes those ratings and develops a suggestion system for you. It can then display videos that you are most likely to enjoy based on your past preferences. This has been successful in other apps, such as Pandora for music, but this is the first app I’ve seen to apply the same type of system to a video app. 

Vodio for iPad

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It really seems to have gotten it right, because the longer you use this app, the more accurate it gets.  I started off browsing through the pre-defined categories and rating different videos as I watched them.  The categories include things like “Entertainment,” “Movies,” “Tech,” and several others.  Like most people, I’m into a wide variety of things, from funny online videos to learning about the latest in politics or tech trends, so I was a bit worried that the video suggestions might not end up working that well. 

I was completely wrong.  After viewing and rating a few dozen videos across several different categories, I decided to start letting Vodio suggest which videos to see next.  The first one it gave me was a funny video clip which I’d seen before (outside of Vodio), but I did love it.  I rated it positive and tried again, and again.  At first I’d say I got about 80% videos that I enjoyed and 20% that I wasn’t too happy with.  The great thing about this app is the more you use it, the more it knows about you so it can give better suggestions.

vodio app review

Today after rating 300+ videos I would estimate I get about a 95% success rate on the suggestions from this great app!  Not only that, but since it knows so much about what I like, even the ones I don’t like are not something I really hate, just something I’m not too interested in.  Overall, the suggestion feature of this app is quite impressive.

The great things about this app don’t end there, though. It also has a quick and easy-to-use option to share the videos you watch with friends on Facebook or Twitter, which is nice. You can re-watch videos you like or just browse through a specific category if you’re in the mood for one specific topic. Just about everything you could dream of in a video-watching app is available in Vodio. Of course, the crystal clear display on the iPad makes every video you watch look incredible as well. 

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