HeadFinder iPhone App Review


The Head Finder app is a task management or schedule management app to help you organize all the different things you have to do.  This app has a very simple user interface and it seems they designed all the most common functions to be done with as little tapping and typing as possible which is a real time saver.  I’ve used several time management apps in the past and it always seemed like I was wasting more time entering my events and tasks into the app than I saved by being more organized.  With Head Finder you can have a new task entered in less than thirty seconds with their quick three tap process to create a reminder.

The head finder app has very simple to define settings to customize the notifications, deadline options and more to make the task management process even easier.  Things like how long to leave a task which has past its deadline in your to do list are great little options which most other apps don’t have and make this app a lot nicer.  This app was clearly designed for busy people who want a very quick and simple way to keep track of all their tasks and events.  If you’re looking for an app with hundreds of little options which you’ll never use, this is not for you.  If, however, you’re like most other people and just need a little help keeping track of your schedule, this app has everything you need.

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HeadFinder app review

The calendar area is very clean and easy to read so you’ll be able to tell which days have events scheduled on them and which don’t with just a quick glance.  One tap and you can get the details of any events including times and notes you’ve entered.  Head Finder has a very nice set of push notification options to remind you of any tasks which are coming due.  It’s easy to tell the app how many times to remind you and how far in advance of the deadline you’d like to be reminded.  Marking tasks complete is also very streamlined and can be done with just one tap.  Completed tasks are saved for a set amount of time chosen by you so you can always go back to review them later if needed. 

I was overall very happy with this app and am glad I finally found a task management app that will actually save me time and effort in planning out my day.  The only part of this app that wastes any of your time is that many of the pages have a small famous quote about task management or productivity and I found myself flipping through dozens of quotes reading them.  I can’t really blame the app for that though and some of the tips and quotes were actually useful so I’m happy to have read them.  I’ll end this review saying that I’m glad I finally found a time management app which I’ll actually use for the long term and I believe you’ll love it as well.

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