Havoc iPhone App Review

Havoc is a simple game with top down graphics.  The concept is very simple; you choose one of three different monsters to play as your character.   Once you choose your character and level you are onto the game play.  For each level you are looking down on the monster who is walking straight down a path (Each level the path is different) and as you walk different items come towards you which you have to throw rocks at.  To throw rocks you just drag your finger from your monster toward the object which you want to hit.  You can pick up more rocks as they come across your path by simply tapping them.  Once you reach the end of the path you’ve completed the level and you get points based on how many targets you hit and accuracy.

I found that this game gets quite repetitive after only a short time as there is really no variation in the game play as you level up.  The different character choices are basically just different avatars and have no differences in game play that I could see.  The story line involves the fact that your monster child got kidnapped by a bird but then while playing the game you really see very little in terms of story advancement (at least so far and I’ve played quite a few levels). 

Havoc iPhone app review

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There are a couple positive things to note about this game.  First, my kids enjoyed it quite a bit.  If you have any kids around 6 or 7 they will likely have quite a bit of fun with this simple game because it’s very easy to learn and has cute graphics.  While this won’t be their favorite game ever, it will keep them quiet on a car ride for an hour or so.  I will also say that the game was well made in the fact that when you swipe your finger toward an object, the rock does travel right at it.  Much better than other games I’ve played where it seems almost random.

So overall, this game is very simple and does not have any real replay ability at all that I can see.  It is a cheap $.99 game and it is worth that just for the amount of time your kids will play it but as far as a game for adults I’d have to say pass on this one.  There’s just not enough to it, the graphics and sounds are very simply done and there is very little to keep you coming back.  I rarely quit a game before I’ve beaten it but I just don’t see myself putting in any more time into this one to get to the end as it’s been quite slow moving so far.  

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