GoDocs for Google Docs Review

This is an absolute must have for anyone who regularly uses any of the Google Docs services online.  It makes it very easy to view, edit, share and much more any type of document available online.  It works with PDFs, documents, spreadsheets and even audio or video documents.  This app is ideal for pulling up and viewing the information you have stored in Google's cloud anywhere you go.

It even has push notifications to let you know when something has been changed which makes collaborating on projects with other people much quicker and easier.  This app is available on both the iPhone/Pod device and the iPad.  When working on the iPad it is very simple to make changes, view anything in any type of document, zoom in or out and much more. 

GoDocs for Google Docs iphone app review

The iPhone or iPod version of this app is great and works really well but I found that updating and making changes can be somewhat difficult due to the smaller screen size.  It can also be a bit tedious to try to type in on the small screen everything you want to update unless it is just small edits here and there.

The bigger iPad screen makes editing and even performing major changes to any type of document much easier.  I found that clicking fields in the Google spreadsheets is simple and quick with the iPad where as with the iPhone version I often accidentally clicked the wrong field. 

The layout is very simple to use.  All your documents are clearly labeled right on the front page which makes it ideal for people with many different items within Google docs.  With just a tap you can bring up more information about a document or bring it up to view or edit.  There are options to even download and open in a different app for people who prefer that though you'll find making changes and using this app is quite easy.

GoDocs for Google Docs ios app

You'll love how easy it is to get all your docs on your phone.  Simply log into your Google account and everything loads up immediately.  With just one tap they will sync up so you have all the most up to date information from your Google account.  What's even better is you can add multiple Google accounts to this app so if you have one for business and one for personal, they are both right there are your finger tips.

The display is beautiful, taking advantage of the high quality screens on both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4.  Navigating through and making changes is set up very easy and it will only take moments to figure out how to do all the tasks available. 

Whether you're looking to have a fully functional app to view, edit, share and download your Google docs or just something which will let you take a quick peak at your docs once in a while, this is the best app on the market.  It is quick and easy for everything you want to do, yet still functional enough to be able to do anything you could ever need it to. 


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