GoCal for Google Calendar HD Review

The updated GoCal for Google calendar app is easily the best time management and productivity app available for people who already use the Google calendar feature.  This app syncs quickly and seamlessly with your calendar and provides you with a lot of great new features which you will find very useful. 

With this app you can sync up as many different Google calendars as you want which is great for people who have one for personal and one for business.  You can then view all your appointments or events with either a daily, weekly or monthly view which helps you plan out any new things you may want on your calendar.  When planning events you can use this app to invite people to join you, which is a great advantage for either setting up business meetings or planning your next get together with friends.

gocal for google calender app review

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The Event reminders are very flexible and will surely meet anyone’s needs.  You can set up to be reminded about different types of events in as much advance as you’d like.  You can have the app email you a reminder, send you an SMS text, get an alert just on your iPad or all three.  You can set up in any way you want so you can get an email notification a week in advance, for example, and then a text message the morning of the event.  You’ll never miss another appointment again once you start using the GoCal app.

One of the most impressive things about this app is that if you add in an address for an event it will seamlessly integrate the Google map of it for you.  You can send out invites which include a map to the location, or use the map to get directions to a meeting you need to go to.  This is all very fast and easy to use which makes this app really stand out against other calendar apps available.

gocal for google ipad app

Of course, the user interface looks amazing in HD and takes full advantage of the slick iPad 2 display.  The designers of this app not only made it very effective but also intuitive and very user friendly.  The controls are easy to learn and use and can help you organize your life without wasting hours of it learning how to control the app.  Everything from syncing your Google calendar to changing your calendar view is quick and simple in the GoCal HD app.

Whether you’re looking to help organize your business, personal life, or both, this app is ideal for anyone who already uses the great Google calendar online.  For people who don’t yet use it, this is still an impressive app and will help introduce you to all the great features and functions of the Google calendar.  This app is perfect for anyone who struggles with time management, planning ahead or organization in general.  You’ll quickly notice a major change in your life and you’ll never miss an important event again.  I highly recommend the GoCal for Google Calendar HD app to anyone with an iPad.

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