Friends Map for Facebook Review

This app gives you a quick and easy way to use your phone's GPS to check in on Facebook, and to find where your friends have checked in from recently as well.  It will also provide you with some useful information such as where the nearest cafe or hotel is, and quite a bit more to. The app is pretty simple to use and seems to be pretty accurate as far as where it has you check in from.  If you don't have many friends who check in from their GPS phones than there won't be much information on your map but it can still be fun and as more and more people get smart phones this will likely become even more useful.

One of the things you'll like best about this app is how it will use your GPS to figure out which store you are at so you can quickly check in on Facebook.  For example, while in Dunkin Donuts I opened the app.  It pops up and shows that I am at that donuts store and I can check in with just one tap of the screen.  Adding a comment is as easy as can be as well so you can report in what you're eating or how long you'll be there so friends can find you. 

You can list anything on your map from cafe's, restaurants or hotels to nightlife locations or ATM's.  Clearing them off is just as easy as putting them on which can help you when you want to clean up your map so you can see where you're going.   Everything this app can do is very quick and easy.  The controls are easy to learn and understand and the display looks excellent.

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Friends Map for Facebook iPhone app review

Overall, everything on this app is very easy to use and looks nice.  The only problem with it is there really is not all that much to it.  It's similar to other apps, which allow you to check in from various locations and doesn't have many additional features verses the regular Facebook app.  Just cleans a few of them up and makes them easier to use.  If you're just looking for a quick way to see where your friends have been recently on Facebook and a way to check in yourself, this is a great app. 

The app is free and so it is well worth the investment and maybe I'd pay $.99 for it but nothing more than that without some better or additional features.  They did a good job making it very easy to use and it is a quick way to check into Facebook from various locations if you enjoy doing that.  Unfortunately there is really nothing that sets this app apart from many of the other ones available on the app store, other than that it is free.

While this app may not be for everyone, there is really nothing wrong with it and it is very functional for those looking for an app to help them quickly check in to Facebook from places they visit.  Since it's a free app I would recommend giving it a shot and see if it meets your mobile Facebook needs. 

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