FreeAppWin Review

FreeAppWin is not only known for giving away free stuff by using contests and apps; but it is also free itself!  The concept is simple; you are able to download free apps and enter multiple contests with cash giveaways while looking through constant ads that support the overall prizes.  The idea revolves around the advertisements; the more that there are, the more money that can be won.  The developer is ingenious for using this idea since everyone loves to win things for free. 

FreeAppWin iPhone app review

But, it isn’t just the free giveaways that attract people to this app.  When initially logging on, you will see a bookcase filled with options.  On the very top is a “Featured App” section that shows current free apps along with the original price tag.  Once you click on it; you are taken to another page that gives you a full description, pictures of the app, the Apple Store rating, an option to share it with friends and most importantly; an icon that says “Get It!”  The entire process is extremely user friendly and even takes you directly to the App Store to download.  Best of all, it’s constantly being updated; so you can expect new apps all the time. 

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The next category is “Free for a Limited Time” offering a couple of apps along with the same descriptions.  And for their biggest category; “Suggested Free Apps” will give a selection of over 40 apps at one time.  Finally, due to the advertisements paying the prizes of their popular contests; you are brought to “Suggested Paid Apps”.  There are only around 8-10 apps at one time, but is based on high reviews. 

But, what allows FreeAppWin to stand out from the other free apps are the contests.  The next icon on the bottom features gifts and takes you to 6 pages of information on contests and giveaways.  The first page shows the current contests, prizes, and the time left to enter.  It’s separated by daily, weekly, and monthly; each one providing more money than the first.  You can enter up to three times a day for each; but if you refer friends then you are able to include bonus entries for the grand prize of the monthly giveaway. 

FreeAppWin for iPhone

With one quick swipe to the left; the next page breaks down the Daily Contest including the Grand Prize and 10 opportunities for runners up.  It even shows how many times that you have entered.  The same applies to the 3rd page that discusses the weekly opportunity and the 4th page describing the monthly contest.  Rightfully so; the longer the length of the contest implies the higher prize and more chances of being a runner up.  The 5th page shows previous winners as well as their comments while the last page allows you to refer friends via social sites and email.  Remember, each referral gets you an additional entry in the monthly contest.  And on every page; the top right corner will provide an option to read the terms for each contest making it a very honest way to advertise.   

The last page is the information tab that explains how this app operates.  It gives the option to link directly with support and a great way to connect with FreeAppWin via Facebook and Twitter with a huge option to rate on the App Store.  Since advertisements are the sole proprietor for this app; be prepared to receive some on your end.  Regardless; it’s a great app to have if you’re looking for a chance to win something free!

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