FreeAppWall Review

The app called “Free App Wall” is easily the best one of its type which I’ve tried so far.  The point of this handy app is to find other apps which are not normally free but are for one reason or another.  This is often because the other apps are new or being promoted or something of this nature but the bottom line is this is the best way to find great apps for free that I’ve seen.

The layout is very nice with a ‘Western’ theme with the ‘Most Wanted’ apps at the top and then a list of apps which are free for a limited time.  At the bottom they have a list of suggested free apps.  The best thing about this app, in my opinion, is that there are some very good apps in their list which is something I often did not see in other ‘find free apps’ apps in the past.  In addition, you can view the full details of the free app before ever having to go to the app store to purchase it.

FreeAppWall iPhone app review

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Everything from the description to the screenshots is available to review quickly and easily within the app.  The normal price is clearly listed so you can see how much you are saving and there is also an option to share the app with friends which is nice since I’ve found many apps which I was not interested in but I thought my wife or someone else may have been.  With the click of a button I can let them know that it’s free for a limited time so they can take a look.

In the two or three days I’ve been using this app I’ve saved over $10 in apps that I’ve wanted but just didn’t want to spend the money on.  I’ve also seen a few apps which I paid good money for already listed so I wish I would have had this app months ago.  One thing is for sure, I’ll be checking this app daily to see the updated list of free apps. 

freeappwall for iphone

While I’m loving most of my new free apps, I will say one of my favorite things about this app is that even when I choose an app and it is not as good as I hoped, I don’t have to worry about it since it’s free!  This is a great way to get a ton of apps without having to spend a dime.

If, however, I don’t want to manually go in and check it out, the Free App Wall has push notifications so every time an app price goes to free I can get a notification!  This is an excellent way to snag those apps which just go on sale for a very limited time.  It is great to know that I’ll be one of the first to know when an app is free so I can be sure to grab it.  Once I’ve purchased the app for free it is mine to keep so I won’t have to worry about ever having to buy it again.  

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