FlamingIgloo iPhone App Review

The Flaming Igloo game is a fairly enjoyable yet challenging game.  The basic premise is you have to put out fires on your igloo by throwing snow balls at it.  If the fire goes on to long you’ll have to throw a large piece of ice at the igloo to fix it.  The makers of this game did a good job with the physics of the game making it challenging to throw the ice or snow at the right spot on the igloo.  There are many levels which get more challenging as you go and add in additional options. 

Most experienced gamers will be able to quickly figure this game out and enjoy it for hours as the difficulty progression keeps it challenging as you progress.  One problem I’ve found with this game is that while the game play seems to be designed for more experienced gamers, the graphics and sounds are very cartoonish and seem more focused for younger players.  While this does not take away from the actual game play I thought it made for an odd combination of childlike graphics with quite challenging game play.

FlamingIgloo app review

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The game has a great tutorial which you should really go through because it makes some things clear that are not very intuitive if you try to figure them out on your own.  Teaching you the basics of how to throw the different objects and even some basic strategy to ensure you can make it past the first few levels.  While I normally skip tutorials I found that this one was well done and very helpful without wasting too much of your time.

While the first two or three levels seem pretty basic it does quickly progress from there adding additional challenging aspects such as a friendly walrus which you need to protect in addition to your igloo.  If you find the game to difficult or to easy there are three skill levels which really make a big difference in how the game is played.  While I consider myself an experienced gamer I had a lot of difficulty on the expert levels which really made the game a lot more fun.

FlamingIgloo for iPhone

While playing the games you will be able to unlock a diverse cast of supporting characters to help you along with different magic symbols which are available as you progress through the levels.  Flaming Igloo also has 25 unlock able achievements which present an additional aspect of the game which can be quite challenging.  With progress being tracked in the Game Center it will allow you to compare your progress against other players or your friends.

Overall this game is quite fun and if you can get past the obvious logic flaws of having to put fire out on an igloo with snow balls it is well worth the money.  There is a lot more to this game than you will realize at first since there are a lot of new bonus items as you progress through the levels which add a lot to the game play.


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