Flag Wars App Review

Flag Wars is an extremely strategic game that requires focus, attention, and detailed knowledge of the rules to be successful.  But, for those who enjoy a challenge; this app can definitely fulfill that need.  Luckily, the moment that you are brought to its homepage; you are given the option to start a new game, view the leader board, and of course learn how to play.  Even though the game is comparable to other games on the market; it is still highly recommended to read the instructions prior to starting a game.  Otherwise, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be lost.  The instructions are simple by matching picture with definition; so understanding it is the easy part.  Remembering and applying is where it gets a little difficult.

Flag Wars iPhone app review

Regardless; it’s an online game that can match you with other opponents.  You have to be connected through Game Center; so this makes it a little challenging to be matched with an adversary quickly.  Contacting the developer was convenient and easy in which they provided a solution by recommending screen names of fellow players; but it would be nice to be able to connect to the entire internet rather than just Game Center.  For a simple trick; you can also view the leader board and request those screen names as a friend on Game Center in order to have more of a selection.  It’s a relatively new game with a little over 30 players online; but worth the challenge and opportunity to play against the best.   

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The goal of the game is to protect your flag and if you can; capture your opponents.  You are given different tile placements that have various functions and all of this is explained in the game instructions.  The only other way to win is by destroying all of your opponent’s moveable pieces; but this can be more difficult than just capturing their flag.  There are bombs that can be used to protect your flag which means that the same will be said for your opponent; so the “8” tiles can be used to avoid the kill.  The tiles consist of numbers that offer different strengths and functions, spies signified by the letter “S”, flags, and of course; many protective bombs.  The strength of numbers range from the lowest to the highest; so a 3 can trump a 7; but it’s important to keep in mind that each still offers an alternative function that can be very useful.   

Flag wars for iPhone

Each move is played like chess with a time limit of 20 seconds or their turn is skipped.  This is a great feature for those who are on a timed schedule.  Each team is identified by either red or blue and it’s a bit of a guessing game since your opponent’s tiles are shaded.  In other words; you can only assume what will behind a tile by strategically using one of your tiles that will counteract it.  It’s a safe bet in knowing that bombs will surround their flag; so make sure to use those 8’s effectively.  The design itself is fairly basic, but can definitely be enhanced.  A recommendation would be to add more effects; it’s proven that players enjoy it. 

The fact is that this is a very entertaining and challenging game to play.  It requires strategy, in-depth thinking, and expectations of your opponent’s move.  This, of course, can play a hand with winning as your adversary has to figure out the same thing.  It’s a battle of the brains.  However, with the added feature of more options for internet play; this app can really be a highlight for those that enjoy challenges.  

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