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Filamente SharePoint is an app that every professional should have.  Especially for those that are constantly involved with documents; this app is perfect for your needs.  In a basic sense; Filamente allows you to upload, download, and share all of your desired documents.  Even though that doesn’t seem like much; if you do a lot of business from your iPad or iPhone, then you realize the difficulty in viewing and uploading certain documents due to format.  Luckily; this is where Filament SharePoint comes in to make things easier. 

It’s true; viewing certain documents with Apple’s system can be a little difficult.  Format holds the key to an array of viewing options which can limit the amount of work that can be done.  But, Filamente’s whole purpose is to diminish this issue by allowing you to upload everything to your SharePoint site.  This enables the option to access it from your handheld device unlike any other app on the market. 

Filamente iPhone App Review

When initially signing on; you are asked to set up your SharePoint site or go directly to your workspace.  It is recommended to set up the site first as this will instantly allow you to begin saving your work.  In other words; there isn’t any point in going to your workspace if there is nowhere to send the documents.  You can create multiple SharePoint sites, if you prefer; using each one for a different purpose.  The setup is easy and directly from the app.  All you need is the company site’s URL, a short description, and whether or not it will provide offline support.  Once you’ve created a new user ID, you are ready to get started.  Also, during this process you are given Filamente User Guidelines that explain the different functions and benefits of the app.  This can be accessed through the main menu as well.

From there, you can go directly to your workplace that can be found on the top left corner under “Navigation”.  To add folders and documents; the top right hand corner under the Plus Sign will give you options to create a new folder, create a new document, or even upload an existing one.  And once it is saved; you have the option to open it under the provided internet of the device and add it to your SharePoint site.  From there, you can send via email or text based on the provided choices without hassle from format. 

Filamente for iPhone

There are even additional features that Filamente offers allowing it to be personalized.  When looking at your workspace; a list of saved documents is shown in a column on the left.  Once they are exported to your site; they will disappear.  They should only be saved on your workspace until your work is complete.  On the bottom of this column; there is an option button that gives you ways to personalize the overall look, change the list style of documents, limit the amount shown at a time, and even a way to set up a security pass code to prevent others from going through your site.  This is a great addition from the developer to help it become more popular and personal. 

Filamente SharePoint has helped many people organize and receive important documents.  Whether they utilize it for work, social media, or even a personal diary; it’s a great way to work on and export documents while being on a handheld device.  This app allows the iPhone and iPad to serve more like a computer which is its overall goal.  Besides; it allows people on the go to never skip a beat!  

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