Fat Jump Pro iPhone App Review

Fat jump pro is a fun game which has you playing a small green character who starts out at the bottom of the screen, and has to jump from bouncy platform to bouncy platform without falling.  While this does sound like many other games, this one has quite a few different unique additions to the game which have made it quite enjoyable and greatly adds to the length of time it can be enjoyed.

The game requires you to tip your iPhone or other device to the left or right to control which direction the character moves while jumping.  The more you tilt it, the faster and further he will travel left or right.  This is very important to get used to quick as it can help you land some difficult jumps within the game.  This function takes full advantage of the phones sensitive accelerometer to know how far it has been tilted and it works very well.

fat jump pro for iPhone

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Next, while jumping from platform to platform there are many different items to be found on them.  There are several different types of fruits from apples to oranges and pears which will help you stay alive and jumping nice and high.  There are also some ‘junk foods’ which will make you fat.  Things like cookies, cupcakes and other unhealthy options will weigh you down making you unable to jump as high.   If you get to fat, some of the jumps are very difficult to make so these should be avoided.  If you get to fat, however, you can ‘lose weight’, by focusing on capturing some fruits.  Finally, there are coins to collect which allow you to advance to the next level.

In addition to these items there are also springs which will bounce you significantly higher, a hat with a propeller, which will fly you up through part of the level, wings which allow you to go up the level quickly and other things as well.  These great items put a nice twist on this classic type of game, which makes it very enjoyable.

fat jump pro for iPad

 That’s not where it ends though.  On some platforms there will be small ‘monsters’ which can take your health.  It is best to avoid these monsters by skipping over their platform entirely if possible, but the game also gives you three ‘missiles’ per level to shoot them.  A simple tape of the screen shoots off the missile.  While this is a fun feature, it can be difficult to shoot the missile without falling as it takes some practice. 

The game play is very fun and has a lot of unique and enjoyable features but that’s not all that’s great about this game.  The sound effects and music are both top notch and make the game quite fun. T he graphics is great and move smoothly when jumping around within the game.  From beginning to end this game was well made and is extremely fun.  It will be great for both kids and adults and will undoubtedly provide hours of entertainment. 


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