Facebook Cover Designer Review

The facebook cover designer app makes creating great looking profile pictures or timeline covers quick and easy, right from your iPhone.  Since the new timeline profile feature came out on facebook there have been a few different places on the net which allow you to create some custom timelines, but there was never anything that could work right on your phone.  This was a big problem for many people since the majority of pictures taken and used on facebook today are shot right from phones or other camera enabled smart phones. 

The facebook cover designer does far more than just take an image from your phone and put it up on facebook.  This app allows you to zoom in on specific parts of photos, crop out anything you don’t want and even add special features to give your timeline photos that professional look.  You can even combine two or more photos into the timeline picture to give it a great look which most people will love. 

Facebook cover designer

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One of the things you’ll like best about the Facebook cover designer is that you can grab pictures from a wide range of places.  Many apps require you to just use photos from your camera’s photo album, but with this one you can get them from your existing Facebook albums, Picasa, Flickr, Instagram and Photobucket.  Of course, you can also take brand new photos to use or use your camera’s album as well.  This wide range of available sources makes finding the perfect pictures for your profile or timeline pages much easier.

Once you’ve chosen your photos you can use any of the free filters to apply different effects to your pictures.  Anything from making them sparkle to using the dream effect to bring out a rainbow of colors in the image.  Whether you want to make your image black and white or give it an old fashioned look and feel, there is just about nothing you can’t do with the available effects.  Each different effect allows you to change the whole look of the image and you can even use multiple effects on one image to create a virtually endless number of combinations to choose from.

facebook cover designer app review

The interface is very clean and easy to use.  It will only take a few minutes to learn to navigate through all the different options.  Once you’ve completed making your photo it can be added to your facebook account with just one quick click which is nice.

Really, the only down side to this app is the first time I downloaded it the app would not allow me to upload photos to facebook.  This is apparently a common issue with this version of the app but should be fixed with the next release.  The app also requires you to have location detection enabled for facebook which some people may not like.

Overall the app works extremely well and is very simple to use.  It gives a lot of great options for users who love customizing their profile or timeline images.  Everyone will love the great looks and easy to use interface of this great app. 


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