The Exonerator App Review


The Exonerator is a tracking app that lets you track the movements of an iDevice owner, or yourself, as long as it is installed and running in the background. The app has a simple design and its function is straightforward. The interface is not cluttered in any way and there are just a couple of options for you to tinker with.

One of these interface options is a horizontal slider bar that lets you see the user's tracked locations, in a chronological order. It tracks the locations based on the time of the day the user was at a particular destination point. By default it is located on the far right and the current time. Slide it to the left and it will show you the last visited spot from the last tracked location. Slide it to the right and the app will show you the next destination point from previous that was visited.

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Exonerator iPhone app review

Another option on the interface you can turn on and off is the tracking. You do this by through an interface function called monitoring. If you don't want the app to track your, or the user's, movements during a particular time period, just turn monitoring off. Then later if you want to start it again you can turn back on by going back into the app's interface. This can be useful since having so many clustered destination points can make anyone confused when they only want to track a specific time frame.

There is also large map located on the interface that is similar to Apple's 'Maps' app. It is very intuitive via a touch interface and can be zoomed in and out. The travel destinations or locations are all represented by small blue dots, not unlike Apple's app. Above the map is the actual address written for you to see.

This kind of app has a couple uses as you may imagine. For instance, if you want to know the locations of the places you visited one day so you can keep track of them later and come back to these locations. This app is a great way for you to do so.  This is especially useful while traveling or doing business. You can keep track of business locations or travel via the destination points located on the map; rather than have to ask your co-workers and travel guides the locations and addresses of where you visited.

Another use for having Exonerator installed is being able to track someone else's movements if they have an iDevice. You can install the app on their device and find out where they've been. If you have a son or daughter who you suspect is skipping school, this app can help you track them and prove your suspicions right (or wrong). If you have a cheating spouse, you can find out where they commit these endeavors. Just check the next day their locations on this app and ask them where they really were.  

Exonerator for iPhone

The app is available as a universal app. Despite this, it really functions best as an iPhone app. The reason is an Internet connection is required for the app to work. You can't really even use the map to look around previous locations without being connected. This is because it becomes semi-opaque and you can't scroll or use the map function at all. The app is meant more for users constantly connected via 3G rather than  those users who move from place to place in search of a Wi-Fi connection.

Exonerator has limited uses if you just want a GPS solution on your iDevice. There are other solutions for that like Apple's Maps app. What this app excels in, however, and is meant to be used for is its tracking ability. The ability to track previous movements is emphasized rather than just a live feed of the user's current location. This app is great for this and functions exactly as advertised. 

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