Economizer – A Super Simple App to Help You Budget on a Daily Basis

Every day when you purchase that cup of coffee or lunch or whatever it is, we subconsciously think to ourselves “can I afford this?” With the Economizer app, this will cut out the guessing game & makes it much easier for you to know.

Essentially the Economizer app takes a set budget and breaks it down across multiple days. For instance, if I have a budget of $400 and I want to budget that amount over the course of 30 days, then I can spend $13.33 each day. Now if I spend more than $13.33 on a particular day, the app deducts the deference in the amount from the next day or days. So there is a possibility that I might have a budget of $0 for a day if I overspend. Of course this works the other way around – if I don’t spend any money or I spend less than my budgeted amount, then that remaining amount rolls over onto the next day – thus increasing my budget to the following day.

Economizer app review

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So what makes this application so nice? It is simple to use and very fast. On the main page, when you initially open the app, you are presented with your budget for the day. By pulling down the handle (or pressing the flush button which is an option you can choose,) you have the ability to enter the amount you spent on a given purchase – allowing you to keep track of all the purchases you make on a given day. You can also view all the days during the set period to see how you have done and how your budgets have fluctuated. While the “All Days” list view is nice, I sort of wished there was more calendar-like month view to that I could select a day and see how much I spent & on what.

As far as options go, you have the ability to choose your method of telling the app how you made a purchase by selecting a “flushing device” – a rope (default), flush lever, or a flush button. I’m not sure I understand why they chose the “flush” idea, I think there may have been some better routes to take for naming the way we spend our money, but that is just me. Also I was a little disappointed that there was no audio in the entire application. I had hoped to hear a flushing noise or the sound of a button press as I flushed my money (the old saying “I flushed my money down the drain” I wonder if that is what they are going for?) But there is no sign of any audio effects. Also I initially thought it was a nice addition to the interface – the swinging of the rope lever when moving the device; however, the rope swings back & forth regardless of which way to tilt the device. I think it would be nice if the rope actually swayed in the direction you tilted your iPhone. But that is really a nit-pick thing within the app.

Economizer iPhone app revoew

Overall the Economizer app is fast and a nifty idea that is worth giving a try for any daily budgeter


-Simple interface

-Good graphics

-Easy to understand

-Fast UI

-Day list view

-Past purchases in Day list view

-Support for multiple currencies


-Flush handle swings awkwardly

-No audio

-No calendar month view


I have a demo video from the developers of this app! Have a look on it below,



download economizer

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