Earth Flags HD iPad App Review - The World at Your Fingertips

The world at your fingertips, this is what the Earth Flag app store description page says and that almost suits the app as Earth Flag is just a cool application for your iPad which lets you to hold the world in your hand. You can explore much from lots of countries given and note this is not a navigation app at all.

Earth Flags is a simple app where you can just explore the details of a particular country by single tap. Do you know the capital of Uruguay? Are you aware of the currency used by the UAE people? So here is Earth Flag to help you. This app is integrated with the Google maps so you can easily find out details like the capital city, population, total area, currency, what language they are speaking, the calling code, which is really handy for me and even the internet TLD’s.

Earth Flags HD app for iPad

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The app comes with a pretty handy interface where you can search for a particular country straight away or you can get the details taping on the given list of countries. Once you have tapped on any of the country that loads the maps in the back drop and there pops a box with the details. You can find the countries by population or by extensions as well. There is another option which lets you to arrange the given list of countries ascending, descending order or by the continent.

The new version of the app comes with three kinds of maps such as satellite, hybrid and standard maps. I have tried playing with all these three maps and it works nicely overall in fact I found the combined map hybrid looks more interesting. One more interesting thing is there where you can hear to the national anthem for the country you have selected by simply taping on the play button in the data window.  There is an option available to reverse the geo locations too. Using this you can get the data by selecting the country from the map itself.

This app may not be useful for someone, but if you love to travel worldwide or if you are a student who needs much attention on world information, then there is no more Googling, just tap on your Earth Flag app J. The app is available for $1.99 in the app store now!

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