Daedalus Touch App Review

There are many journal and note taking apps that are available; but Daedalus Touch definitely takes the demand for better features to a different level.  Luckily, the very first thing that is requested after downloading is an important tutorial.  It is recommended to thoroughly read and follow the tutorial because without it; you will not be aware of all the unique features that are offered.  The tutorial itself is very user friendly and clearly shows the use and purpose of the app.  With each page that is read; this system will ask for you to physically demonstrate the information being taught to insure that you are able to comply.  It’s a fail proof way to making anyone who buys the app capable of using it. 

Daedalus Touch iphone app review

There are 4 main “stacks” of tutorial pages; each one containing anywhere from two to five pages of information.  It also shows the purpose for each “stack” and how to maneuver easily and effectively between them.  In fact, for additional note taking you are able to physically add pages onto these tutorial stacks to combine and organize your notes.  Again, the tutorial thoroughly informs and provides you with simple ways to do this.  It’s commendable to say that the developer used some humor along with the tutorial and it’s enjoyable to learn about the benefits and function of Daedalus.

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In fact, the simple methods that are used involve a simple swipe or a few main taps on the screen to activate.  For instance; one of the main highlights for this app is having the ability to create an endless amount of “stacks” with each involving endless numbers of pages and then actually combining everything into one main stack.  It’s the easiest way to store and organize an extremely large amount of information.  The functions to navigate throughout this app are the key to success.  By pinching your fingers diagonally on the screen, this will take you to a summary of the pages within that one “stack”.  By doing it the same thing again; this brings you to the different stacks with original titles labeling the content.  From there; you can double tap on one and swiftly breeze through pages with a single swipe from left to right.  Without having to go through the entire effort; there are even shortcuts available that are explained on the last “stack” of the tutorial. 

Daedalus Touch for iPhone

When adding and editing; the additional features offered are pretty vast.  As an example; you have the capability of enlarging and changing the font itself.  And there is an option of transforming the background to make it dark with colorful font or even bright white to resemble notebook paper.  This allows you the option to create a “stack” for something fun and another for professional or business. 

 A unique feature is that you have the ability to surf the internet to look up information to help with your content of writing.  This is accessed on the main page and is very convenient when research articles and writing a paper.  But, there wouldn’t be any use of storing all of this information and not being able to export it, right?  Luckily; this app allows you to send via email, text, PDF, and even the option of printing.  And the best part is that when you are finished with the tutorial; you can delete those stacks and create your own.  It really is one of the best apps on the market to store and organize any of your documents.  One small suggestion would be to add an option for pictures.  

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