CoPilot Live Premium USA iPhone App Review


Everyone is looking for the best GPS app and CoPilot Live may have just taken that title.  It’s a very user-friendly app that not only has audio capabilities, but also provides additional features to make the experience safer.  It really does become your copilot without having to look at your phone or GPS while driving. 

When initially starting this app; it will ask many questions pertaining to settings and location.  Your location notifications will need to be turned on so that it can pinpoint the directions.  Without this notification; the app will not be able to locate or navigate your device.  Each initial question will need to be answered before beginning; and once it is done, you will be able to use the best features of the app.  But, the fact remains that the options are never ending. 

CoPilot Live Premium USA app review

So, let’s start from the beginning.  After set up; you will be brought to the main menu.  This offers five selections located on the bottom.  The first one is labeled “Go To” and provides you with different options.  The first is “Address” which allows you to plug in the place that you need to go.  This feature is audio based with a computerized voice asking you specific questions.  The zip code, street name, and street number is all that you need and CoPilot takes it from there.  The additional options available allow favorite places, photo navigation, contact feature to connect with others, a way to browse the surrounding areas, and even an option for coordinates.  This means that it can be used out at sea! 

The next feature on the main menu is “Route” where you can stay updated with current routes, detours, and even plan a trip.  The “MyCoPilot” option is basically a way to learn current information regarding the game.  The latest updates, features, and help are provided under this label.  The “Settings” tab is quite ingenious as it allows you to adjust the map display to your preference.  Some of the selections include alternating colors as well as background.  In other words; if you want it to be all blues, then that is possible.  You can also adjust the words being used during navigation such as the distance of when it will warn you of a turn and an option of turning the voice command off. 

CoPilot Live Premium USA for iPhone

One of the best features includes a way to visually see surrounding traffic of a certain location before heading out.  For those who speak another language; there are many different ones that are provided as well as a way to personalize.  It is clearly one of the most detailed GPS apps currently available.  Lastly; the “More” tab gives you just what it describes.  There is weather, a way to save your favorite parking spots, nearby Wikipedia places, and even a way to link with the Facebook check-in. 

So, once you type in the appropriate address and get on the road; you are now being spoken to by a personalized and preferred automated voice being told where to turn.  The buttons on the interface are large and the map is enhanced to allow a glance during driving.  This can be extremely important when practicing safety. 

The fact is that CoPilot Live is one of the best GPS apps on the market and worth the buy.  There isn’t any reason to purchase a GPS when this has all of the main features with additional ones for entertainment.  It is very easy to use and fun to play with making it a recommended app for everyone on the go.  

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