Color Splurge iPhone App Review

Everyone is looking for a great way to play with color in a photograph.  With Color Splurge; you can do just that!  This is where you can take practically any photo and turn it into black and white while adding additional colored features to enhance and personalize.  It’s a fantastic way to bring out that special photo and give it an artistic touch.

When initially signing on; a quick explanation of buttons is shown, but a little too quick to read.  A suggestion to the developer would be to slow this down, but the option to access it again is located on the top right icon pictured with a question mark.  But, the fact remains that it isn’t necessary; you can click on each one to understand their easy capabilities.

So, once you get to the main screen; Color Splurge allows you to practice with the main picture which is a baby.  It’s a great feature to add so that you can get accustomed to the different buttons and options available.  The top heading provides different icons that will help you with choices and organization.  The first pictured wheel allows you to create a new project or save the one you’re currently working on.  You can even upload your final project to Facebook, Twitter, email, and a personal photo album based on resolution. 

color splurge app review

But, the best feature is having the ability to upload any picture from practically any location.  Once you’ve chosen your picture; the brush icon allows you to adjust the point size of the paintbrush.  The brush size doesn’t seem to go down too small.  However, if you pinch your fingers diagonally on the picture itself, it will adjust the size of the picture allowing the brush size to become smaller for the bigger location.  It would be a bit easier to have the option to just minimize the brush into pencil format, but regardless it’s still possible.

The next button shaped like a circular arrow will delete the last move that you’ve done instantly.  It’s a very convenient solution and can prevent frustration.  If you happen to have crazy fingers; the button to the right with two arrows will completely remove all of the work insuring an easy restart.  Lastly; the magnify glass icon allows you to zoom.

color splurge for iphone

The default settings allow you to slide your finger used as a paintbrush and bring back the original color.  However, the bottom tool bar offers way to utilize and change those options.  The Color option turns the brush into a way to bring out color in a gray picture.  While the Gray button makes the brush paint gray.  This can also be a great way to refine any mistakes.  The Colorize button changes the top icons a bit and allows you to access a color palette to create your very own.  This means that you can change the original color of a photo to enhance the overall affect.  These can be changed based on moving the amount of added color per available shade.  It would be great to have a preselected color palette available to make that process easier. 

With Color Splurge, the options are truly endless with what can be done.  New updates will always be introduced and it’s a guarantee that it will become easier with time.  As for now; it’s a perfect app to have to enhance any picture and personalize it to become amazing.  

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