Chillingham Manor iPhone App Review

Playing games on my iOS devices is always very entertaining, but if it is something that can make me think hen it is really exciting. One such game is Chillingham Manor by Synqua Games- Chillingham Manor is a well-designed puzzle game that is easy to play while on the go.

This game far exceeded my expectations on the first look. After seeing the screenshots and icons I thought the game might come under the action category involving zombies and ghosts. But after exploring the game I discovered it was actually a puzzle game with a fancy design and interface. There are zombies, ghosts, bats and much more on the screens makes the game feel haunted, but the game play is still just a puzzle game.

Chillingham Manor for iPhone

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The game starts off with a small video that tells the story of Mr. Jason Brightside, the hero of Chillingham Manor. Brightside needs to defeat the evil gathered at Chillingham Manor by clearing the puzzles. There are 45 levels in this game.To play the game, you must match the tiles by color or symbol to successfully cast a spell.  You will be given a box with two separate or same colors and symbols. You need to arrange them either by same color with different symbols or by same symbols with different colors. You will be given points on completing each level. You can also get higher scores if you beat the game with fewer amounts of deals given. If you are in a tough situation you can use the magic tools in the game to clear the puzzle. There are limiters which can make the game tougher on later levels.

After that fancy start you may be little disappointed in the game play of Chillingham Manor. But if you are a game freak who loves to play interesting puzzles then Chillingham Manor won’t disappoint you! Don’t miss the magic tools available on top right of the screen because that is what keeps your seat belts on. Chillingham Manor is Game Center featured and it is available on the app store for $0.99.

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