Call My Name App Review

The call my name app is a great new way to not only organize your contacts so they are easy to find and use, but also find the phone number of just about anyone or any business you want.  First, when you open up the app it will have all your contacts from your phone all loaded in and easy to find.  You can use the built in search function to quickly find people by their first name or last name, which makes it a lot easier than just scrolling through like you have to on the normal phone list.

call my name iPhone app review

Calling anyone from your list is as easy as tapping the green button and you’ll be connected up with them.  Of course, this is not a huge improvement over the built in phone options for the iPhone, but it is also not where the features end!  With Call My Name you can type in the name of just about any business you can think of and the app will quickly find their phone number.

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It even goes beyond that though, if you type in “McDonalds” for example, it will use the phone’s GPS location and find the phone number for the nearest McDonalds restaurant since that is most likely the one you want to call.  This is a great feature since normally when you are attempting to look up the phone number of a business you end up having to browse through their web page, only to find corporate numbers which can’t help you with your questions.

The phone will save your favorite numbers for you to make it even easier to find the next time. In addition to helping you find the numbers you need, this app will also make it easier for other people to find you.  You can create your own unique “C:Name” which will then be held in the directory so anyone with this app can quickly find your phone number and other information you want to share.  This is a great way to help people who might be looking for you track you down.

call my name for iPhone

Whether it’s old high school friends, former co-workers or an old flame this app can help you find the information of just about anyone or any business you’re interested in. As this app becomes more and more popular the number of people in it will continue to grow which will make it even more popular.  This app will continue to get a larger and larger database of number in it until it’s truly the global phone book to find anyone you’re looking for.

In addition to the convenience it offers, this app is very easy to navigate through and find exactly what you’re looking for.  The touch options are very responsive and figuring out how to do thing within the app is very intuitive.  The best feature of the app, in my opinion, is being able to quickly find the local phone number of thousands of different businesses.  This is a very useful app which everyone should have on their phones.

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