Blink Master Review

Blink master is a fun game of speed, general knowledge and timing which requires you to be able to quickly see clues and piece them together as quickly as possible.  The general play of the game starts you off with a category from either 'famous personality', 'place', 'movie', or 'book.   Each problem has 9 clues which are flashed in front of you very quickly and then covered up by tiles.  Once the tiles are up you can answer the question if the quick glimps of the clues were enough, or elect to uncover one tile to see the clue better.  Each tile you uncover, you lose points.

blinkmaster for iPad

For every problem you begin the round with 1500 points and if you answer the question right away, you get all 1500.  If you need to remove a tile or two (or more!) you lose more and more points.  You also lose points for making an incorrect guess so be careful that you know the answer before giving it! Each tile you decide to reveal has a set number of points on it which is the amount you will lose if you flip it over.   You have to use strategy to decide which tiles to flip since one tile may remove 300 points from your score but give a great clue.  Another tile only removes 50 but the clue is pretty vague or cryptic. 

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The free version has dozens of different questions, clues and answers to go through which provides for several hours of fun.  There is also a premium version which includes over 2,700 clues and over 300 questions.  The paid version also has additional categories like 'famous leaders', 'actors', 'writers', 'landmarks', and several others as well.  The full version allows you to also play on teams and it will keep track of where you are in the game as well in case you have to close it out.  The paid version is well worth the money if you enjoy the game anyway.  It gives you countless extra hours of enjoyable game play.

blinkmaster iPad app review

Some of the clues may not make any sense to you while playing, or even after the answer has been revealed and that's where the clue map comes in.  Every question has a clue map which will show you how the different clues are connected to the answer.  This is not only great for overcoming the frustration of losing a question but also helps teach you some fun facts about the category.

One of the best thing about this app is how great the visual clues look on the iPad.  The designers of this game clearly took their time to ensure every image looks perfect.  While some of the clues are confusing and difficult to figure out, the images always look crisp and clean.  

The entire game is laid out beautifully making it easy to pick up and play quickly any time.  You'll love being able to pick it up and play a round or two in just a couple minutes, or taking an hour or two and playing through multiple rounds.  Whatever you have the time for, Blink Master is an exciting game which will keep you entertained. 

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